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Posted: January 27, 2014 in College
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The second best thing you can do for improvement besides going out and doing the damn thing and suffering some trial and error is reading up on how to do whatever it is that your doing more effectively. I’ve decided to compile a reading list among some other things regarding some of the areas where you can improve on that warrant more than a simple blog post. These will be books I myself have read and deem significant enough to further yourself in your improvement journey.

The first book I read while being introduced into what they call the Manosphere was Aaron Clarey’s Worthless
Being it the summer after my sophomore year in college (two years of drugs, alcohol, and profusely blue pill) a good friend of mine introduced me to Frost’s Freedom Twenty Five which then lead me to Worthless. I came in to college with an over inflated sense of going to college would be. I mean I was going to a top 4 party school at the time and it only went up after I got there. Your welcome, underclassmen. 😉 I damn near went on academic probation with my roommate. Apparently not studying for computer science and electrical engineering classes wasn’t our brightest idea. We were smart in high school so naturally we thought the same about college.

Lo and behold, the roommate failed out, and I switched to an open major. I hadn’t the faintest clue what to do besides a brief stint in politics supporting Ron Paul lolz. But thank zues’s beard I read Worthless. I immediately emailed my advisor telling her I had to switch back to computer science and how much bullshit an “ethics and public policy” major would be. She didn’t take to kindly to that email, but none the less understood my decision. However, during that year I made a base of college friends that were liberal minded and mostly english majors. Talk about worthless. If you want to be a writer just go out and fucking write. It doesn’t take a degree for that. Jeepers.

Knowledge is power my friend. And this a sure way not waste your time, money, and youth on worthless degrees. But remember, there is no such thing as worthless knowledge, just worthelss degrees.

Be sure to check out his other books too. I’ve read Enjoy the Decline and I’d argue it almost runs like a sequel to Worthless. Still working on Bachelor Pad Economics though. In due time.

Being broke in college comes naturally with being a student at a university for most of us. That is, you’re not someone from a rich suburb coming over state lines for a better university than your own, in which case you or your parents are loaded and couldn’t give a fuck where you go to school if at all since you will most likely inherit old money or a sweet deal at their company or law firm anyway or your going to community or trade school. Bless your heart. Trade school you learn a specific skill and you go out and get paid for it. Nice work. You were efficient with your time and money. We thank your for setting an example for our youth. Community college? Hopefully the same goes for you.

Now then, if your like me, going to a state university on loans and some of your parents dime they stashed away for you, you don’t have a lot of money to play around with even with that part-time job you hold to buy food, clothes, gas, books, supplies, and of course drugs and alcohol. It wouldn’t be college with out it. ;). I had a job all through high school, but never had to learn fiscal responsibility due to living with my parents buying me whatever I needed and I could spend my dollars from the local grocery store however I wanted. Recklessly was the easy choice. What did I have to worry about? I ain’t workin’ for nothing right? The dumbest thing was I bought shit all the time for a girl I had a crush on that worked there as well. Ooops. Lol.

I started learning how to manage my finances once I moved into an apartment. (The dorm years you were treated with food and all that so it just piled on top of the loans.) When you only have so much money for food, books, etc, you learn real quick what your best options are. College taught me how to manage my money plus some :

1.) Never buy your books from the bookstore. Biggest ripoff I’ve ever seen. $170 for a new calc book? Calc has changed in over 500 years. Why should I buy the newest edition and sell it back for 50? I’ll see you on amazon or rent them else where.

2.) Give plasma. An extra 60 bucks a week for reading a book, studying or catching up on emails. Darn right I’m about that life.

3.) Work a part-time job. Not only will you have cash in your pocket for things you need. I’m a firm believer having less free time because of your job will help you with time management. Something you will need dearly when it comes to a real full-time job and other life responsibilities.

4.) Buy your food frozen. It’s cheaper, lasts longer, and you can get a variety of fruits, veggies, meats, fish, poultry, that don’t suck for your health. But don’t be afraid to dine on some ramen and tuna every once in a while. (It’s become my quick easy meal. Disgusting, I know.)

5.) Eggs are the cheapest and one of the best meals out there for a young man in college. Damn near natures protein shake. Why wouldn’t you eat these like candy?

6.) Schedule your classes around American or english speaking professors. You will understand what they’re saying A LOT better and with no language barrier it will also be a lot better to network with them for a reference later on.

7.) Avoid energy drinks the best you can. I drank a Nos in the morning to get me going and another to keep me up late at night. Started having sharp chest pains and insomnia wasn’t uncommon for me. Plus all that sugar is literally poison.

8.) Become a coffee and tea drinker. People will be more impressed by your knowledge of obscure coffees and tea than your ability to chug three rockstars and stomach ulcers.

9.) Go to the gym. Plain and simple. The muscles you build today will be with you for the long run and going will have an enormous amount of benefits for you. Looks, mood, health, energy, I could go on and on.

10.) Read the books assigned. This was my biggest mistake I made. Your GPA will be better and it will be a lot easier studying for that exam if you already know the material in the book.

11.) Always sit next to that hot girl in class and make simple conversation with her about the class you’re in. You’ll know what to do from there.

12.) Go out and party your ass off. You have 4+ years to make the best and worst decisions of your life with little to no consequence. You have a reputation as a college kid any way. Might as well act like one.

13.) Study abroad. Hopefully this wont be your only chance to travel abroad, but for some it will be. You get to travel on school loans. How awesome is that? Go to a new land on and ‘study’ some gen eds while you learn about new culture is fantastic for college aged kids perspective. Just don’t waste your time in places like western Europe. I hear it’s a real drag.

14.) Join a martial arts club. Learning a martial art is exhilarating. It’s not often a man gets to exert physical force on another man without getting arrested and your learning how to defend yourself.

15.) For the love of all things holy, get to know your professors on a personal level. They will gladly give you references, outside learning, and projects outside of class if you feel like the classroom isnt’ enough. Some professors are arrogant pricks who sit high on the horse, but don’t let that stop you from getting to know the more humble ones.

16.) Have a bottle of top shelf alcohol on reserve for special occasions and ‘night caps’ for hot girls only. For the rest of your alcohol consumption, save your money and buy the cheap shit. You can barely tell the difference.

17.) You are not your GPA…unless your applying for scholarships, going abroad, or want to get into grad school. Otherwise, once you get that degree companies don’t give a rats ass what you got in philosophy class, they want to know if you can produce when they hire you.

18.) Once your are upperclassmen, avoid underclassmen like the plague. A lot has changed since you’ve come to college and are most likely not at the mental maturity you are at. *This advice becomes null if you pull a bang from one at a skanky bar.

19.) Do your best to befriend an upperclassmen you may know from a neighboring school back home so when you get kicked out of bars for being under age you just might know where a party or after parties will be held.

20.) Last of all, balance your work/play time. You will go insane with just work and become a lazy bastard with all play.

What things did I miss? What is your college advice? Not all of these things came from not having a lot of money in college, but I hope the advice is somewhat helpful and not just a repeat of similar posts like this out there.

Average of Your Friends

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Improvement
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There’s been talk all around the web about how you are the average of five closest friends or the five people you hang out with most. Thus, bringing forth articles suggesting you surround yourself only with successful people to improve yourself and cutting out friends and even family that aren’t as successful as you. Now I’m all for cutting shit out when things aren’t adding up if those friends and family are straight toxic to your development, however, I’ve noticed advantages on both sides of the table.

Find two groups of friends, separate or some kind of sub groups inside a larger group of friends. The first will be the friends you know that are with out a doubt more successful, more ambitious, or better than you at at least one thing that you can learn from them and they are willing to help you. They are of course your friends and should be more than happy to help you. I have never had anyone turn me away when I’ve come for help on something. This will be the people you hang out with primarily when you want to get shit done. Go the gym wil them, talk about future job prospects with them, comment on their new found style, more often than not, in my group of friends I find that are more successful than I am read the same interesting articles or maybe some random TED talk I do and we have a thought provoking chat over a few beers about it. At the very least one of us has a new book, article, movie or music to suggest to other. Just being around people that you know are more successful than you can be inspiring for yourself to go work on our physique, knowledge, or side hustle you have going on.

Your second group of friends will be the ones you know you are doing better than. No offense to these bros, love em to death but while I was on my way up they must have been stuck on the stair master, because I was the same place they were a few years back and only one of us has really bounced back from it better than before. These are the guys that keep you sane when you’ve been working hard on becoming a better version of yourself. Not only does being in the company of people not quite as successful as you are make you feel better about yourself it can also serve as a way to relax and recharge after a possible stressful day of doing your thing. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to hang out with these type of people, trust me they throw some hella good parties, but theres more to life than that. They may be the man now for the four or some years now they have in college, but they won’t be when they’re broke and all they have to look forward to the day is escaping reality with drugs and alcohol. Don’t let it become a habit. Use these friends wisely.

Now this is where you become the average of these two groups of friends. Both groups of friends, (I’m assuming these are sub groups of the same larger group of friends, every body has them) will see you on both sides, all work and no play makes thatGuy a dull boy right? In my experience the first group will hit you up when the time comes to play, and the second group will see your progress through your actions with the first group when they finally chose to better themselves if any at all. Never try to tell the second group about how your bettering yourself, always let them come to you. This way you know they’re serious after the second or third time they persist on you helping them out. If you try to force them, it will only result in bitter jealousy and bullshit excuses. But in the case that they do come forward for help there is a great feeling that comes with giving back, plus it helps you with your own development by teaching it to others. If you can’t teach something, you’ll always be the student.

Keep your ambitious friends from burning out, get your not so ambitious friends in gear, and you will find yourself both improving yourself and giving back to those determined enough to make changes to their lives. Life is a balance between work and play. Keep it that way and it feels good, man.

Next time.

Renaissance Man

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Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can, there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”

Sarah Caldwell

Remember all that jack of all trades, master of none shit? I’m here to say fuck that. Although in my younger years if something didn’t capture my attention just like that, there was no way I was investing my time in something where I would ask the question every know-it-all adolescent would ask, “Well when would I ever use this in the real world?”. I don’t know, and your teacher defintiely doesn’t know either due to them teaching instead of doing. If they were in the real world they produce something other than an indoctrination we call education. However, the unknown of whether or not I will ever use any of the material I’ve learned over the year is excitingly intriguing. Now I cant wait to learn something new.

In todays world who knows what the hell you might be doing in 5, 10, maybe 20 years that something you learned from some schmuck might come in handy. Need to replace some walls and ceilings? I’ve learned how. Leaky faucet? With five dollars and a run to a department store I can fix that. New wood or tile floors? Easy. In fact I actually really enjoyed my time remodeling my brothers house learning new skills that I know damn well will benefit me when I have my own some day.

The point of this is for us to learn anything from anyone you can. Skills, ideas, tips and tricks, different perspectives, literally anything. Right now I’m going to school for computer science, studying human anatomy and our healing system, strength training, all while indulging in the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and learning spanish. (learned it in high school, visited Costa Rica and woud love to go back) Now if you know anything about basic economics this goes against one of their rules of specialize and trade…but don’t get me started on economics. You’d be amazed by the amount of people at my university don’t understand the simple concept of economic incentive, but I digress. In this day, go out, learn it all, and become your very own renaissance man.

The Blank Page

Posted: January 7, 2014 in New Beginnings
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    Ah the first step in writing a blog. The blank page. I’m sure many of you have struggled with getting off the ground with other kinds of endeavors requiring you write something up when your mind has ALL THESE CRAZY IDEAS, but…ya just can’t quite organize them into separate, concise segments of their own. See ya there. I was currently there just a minute ago. (Hence this post I’m writing) I had an idea, actually more than one idea, for a blog here for awhile now. I’ve been lurking on many authors blogs for over a year now and a good friend of mine has just finished his first year of blogging with a good amount of success I’d say.

     Now I’m gonna try my hand at it this year in my free time between school, becoming Swolerham Lincoln, gaming women way out of my league, pondering the worlds most bullshit and most non bull shits philosophies and ideals, all the while being an overall dirtbag you’ll come to know and love.

Expect future posts of the like above. Until then.


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