The Blank Page

Posted: January 7, 2014 in New Beginnings
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    Ah the first step in writing a blog. The blank page. I’m sure many of you have struggled with getting off the ground with other kinds of endeavors requiring you write something up when your mind has ALL THESE CRAZY IDEAS, but…ya just can’t quite organize them into separate, concise segments of their own. See ya there. I was currently there just a minute ago. (Hence this post I’m writing) I had an idea, actually more than one idea, for a blog here for awhile now. I’ve been lurking on many authors blogs for over a year now and a good friend of mine has just finished his first year of blogging with a good amount of success I’d say.

     Now I’m gonna try my hand at it this year in my free time between school, becoming Swolerham Lincoln, gaming women way out of my league, pondering the worlds most bullshit and most non bull shits philosophies and ideals, all the while being an overall dirtbag you’ll come to know and love.

Expect future posts of the like above. Until then.


That Guy


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