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Posted: January 22, 2014 in College
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Being broke in college comes naturally with being a student at a university for most of us. That is, you’re not someone from a rich suburb coming over state lines for a better university than your own, in which case you or your parents are loaded and couldn’t give a fuck where you go to school if at all since you will most likely inherit old money or a sweet deal at their company or law firm anyway or your going to community or trade school. Bless your heart. Trade school you learn a specific skill and you go out and get paid for it. Nice work. You were efficient with your time and money. We thank your for setting an example for our youth. Community college? Hopefully the same goes for you.

Now then, if your like me, going to a state university on loans and some of your parents dime they stashed away for you, you don’t have a lot of money to play around with even with that part-time job you hold to buy food, clothes, gas, books, supplies, and of course drugs and alcohol. It wouldn’t be college with out it. ;). I had a job all through high school, but never had to learn fiscal responsibility due to living with my parents buying me whatever I needed and I could spend my dollars from the local grocery store however I wanted. Recklessly was the easy choice. What did I have to worry about? I ain’t workin’ for nothing right? The dumbest thing was I bought shit all the time for a girl I had a crush on that worked there as well. Ooops. Lol.

I started learning how to manage my finances once I moved into an apartment. (The dorm years you were treated with food and all that so it just piled on top of the loans.) When you only have so much money for food, books, etc, you learn real quick what your best options are. College taught me how to manage my money plus some :

1.) Never buy your books from the bookstore. Biggest ripoff I’ve ever seen. $170 for a new calc book? Calc has changed in over 500 years. Why should I buy the newest edition and sell it back for 50? I’ll see you on amazon or rent them else where.

2.) Give plasma. An extra 60 bucks a week for reading a book, studying or catching up on emails. Darn right I’m about that life.

3.) Work a part-time job. Not only will you have cash in your pocket for things you need. I’m a firm believer having less free time because of your job will help you with time management. Something you will need dearly when it comes to a real full-time job and other life responsibilities.

4.) Buy your food frozen. It’s cheaper, lasts longer, and you can get a variety of fruits, veggies, meats, fish, poultry, that don’t suck for your health. But don’t be afraid to dine on some ramen and tuna every once in a while. (It’s become my quick easy meal. Disgusting, I know.)

5.) Eggs are the cheapest and one of the best meals out there for a young man in college. Damn near natures protein shake. Why wouldn’t you eat these like candy?

6.) Schedule your classes around American or english speaking professors. You will understand what they’re saying A LOT better and with no language barrier it will also be a lot better to network with them for a reference later on.

7.) Avoid energy drinks the best you can. I drank a Nos in the morning to get me going and another to keep me up late at night. Started having sharp chest pains and insomnia wasn’t uncommon for me. Plus all that sugar is literally poison.

8.) Become a coffee and tea drinker. People will be more impressed by your knowledge of obscure coffees and tea than your ability to chug three rockstars and stomach ulcers.

9.) Go to the gym. Plain and simple. The muscles you build today will be with you for the long run and going will have an enormous amount of benefits for you. Looks, mood, health, energy, I could go on and on.

10.) Read the books assigned. This was my biggest mistake I made. Your GPA will be better and it will be a lot easier studying for that exam if you already know the material in the book.

11.) Always sit next to that hot girl in class and make simple conversation with her about the class you’re in. You’ll know what to do from there.

12.) Go out and party your ass off. You have 4+ years to make the best and worst decisions of your life with little to no consequence. You have a reputation as a college kid any way. Might as well act like one.

13.) Study abroad. Hopefully this wont be your only chance to travel abroad, but for some it will be. You get to travel on school loans. How awesome is that? Go to a new land on and ‘study’ some gen eds while you learn about new culture is fantastic for college aged kids perspective. Just don’t waste your time in places like western Europe. I hear it’s a real drag.

14.) Join a martial arts club. Learning a martial art is exhilarating. It’s not often a man gets to exert physical force on another man without getting arrested and your learning how to defend yourself.

15.) For the love of all things holy, get to know your professors on a personal level. They will gladly give you references, outside learning, and projects outside of class if you feel like the classroom isnt’ enough. Some professors are arrogant pricks who sit high on the horse, but don’t let that stop you from getting to know the more humble ones.

16.) Have a bottle of top shelf alcohol on reserve for special occasions and ‘night caps’ for hot girls only. For the rest of your alcohol consumption, save your money and buy the cheap shit. You can barely tell the difference.

17.) You are not your GPA…unless your applying for scholarships, going abroad, or want to get into grad school. Otherwise, once you get that degree companies don’t give a rats ass what you got in philosophy class, they want to know if you can produce when they hire you.

18.) Once your are upperclassmen, avoid underclassmen like the plague. A lot has changed since you’ve come to college and are most likely not at the mental maturity you are at. *This advice becomes null if you pull a bang from one at a skanky bar.

19.) Do your best to befriend an upperclassmen you may know from a neighboring school back home so when you get kicked out of bars for being under age you just might know where a party or after parties will be held.

20.) Last of all, balance your work/play time. You will go insane with just work and become a lazy bastard with all play.

What things did I miss? What is your college advice? Not all of these things came from not having a lot of money in college, but I hope the advice is somewhat helpful and not just a repeat of similar posts like this out there.

  1. 1111N says:

    Yo That Guy, today Aurini or somebody tweeted your blog so I just read this post.

    It’s hard to me to write this. Complaining.I know it’s weak. And negative.

    I’ve become an asocial loser who spends his weekends locked up in his parent’s house reading blogs, writing, procrastinating away homework time and who spends weekdays at the University not doing much nor talking to anyone after all these years. 3,7 is my GPA. I dropped out two years ago, but I’m now doing two majors: Law and French/teaching. It’s taking forever. Debt is growing.

    I’ve had some girls over the years, but not the ones I precisely liked. I even fucked two fatties last year, one older than me. Always In secret I don’t want to be associated with that.

    I made the decision to start fresh. Cut up everything I had to do with those losers and proposed myself to get hotter girls this year. I even wanted to get again serious about 30DoD and going to the college gym. Fuck.

    However, the new girls that have given me their numbers in the street and public transport all had flaked on me. One mediocre and shrt girl I kissed and second based last year refused to go fuck last thursday and practically LJBFed me. On friday went to a political meeting where there were lots of hot girls: didn’t approach. I haven’t kept my habits of doing pushups nor have gone back to the gym not even once.

    It’s hard to me to write this. Complaining.I know it’s weak. And negative.

    • thatguy40 says:

      Hey man, it looks like you’re a pretty smart guy,(your GPA is much higher than mine if that counts for anything, HA) your reading, your writing, you’ve taken some action with some girls during the day even and getting, ya know mild success since you happened to get their number, ya had to have done something right to start out. I’m not really sure if you were looking for advice from me on this matter, but here it is. Life is not always gonna turn out the way you want it to, no matter how hard you try and how good your intentions are. Two things. Have a “ONE MORE!” mentality. I’ll probably write a post on this later, but whenever you’re working on something like your schoolwork, your workout, approaching women, have that one more mentality. Think to yourself, I’m going to approach one more girl today. I’m going to do one more set/rep today. I’m going to study one more chapter or hour today. I’m going to write one more post today. Anything your working on, just put in one more after one more and you’ll be surprised how far you can go. Secondly, you seem like you know what you want,you’ve just reached a low point in your life. Whats great about this is life is very cyclical. We very rarely flat line for long. We have periods of DEpression and EXpression. So right now your in the depression stage and you’ve obviously commented on here for some reason or another looking for EXpression. I think something that might help you with a little motivation to get back on our feet would be create a vision for yourself. Not goals, but a vision. When you’re doing your workouts, talking to girls, doing your homework, whatever. Don’t think of a goal. Think of this as a means to end for your vision. With a little consistency and momentum with small things repeated excellently you will reach that vision. This workout isn’t about lifting weights, it’s about my vision of being a ripped and cut mother fucker who’s respected when people see me. This homework isn’t about a grade, it’s about becoming a lawyer to defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty. This approach isn’t about proving to yourself or whoever that you’re a player that can get laid.It’s about showing to that girl you are a man of value that could bring value to her life, if she allows it. A vision is always more powerful than a goal. So that’s it man. I hope this helps and never give up.


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