Posted: January 27, 2014 in College
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The second best thing you can do for improvement besides going out and doing the damn thing and suffering some trial and error is reading up on how to do whatever it is that your doing more effectively. I’ve decided to compile a reading list among some other things regarding some of the areas where you can improve on that warrant more than a simple blog post. These will be books I myself have read and deem significant enough to further yourself in your improvement journey.

The first book I read while being introduced into what they call the Manosphere was Aaron Clarey’s Worthless
Being it the summer after my sophomore year in college (two years of drugs, alcohol, and profusely blue pill) a good friend of mine introduced me to Frost’s Freedom Twenty Five which then lead me to Worthless. I came in to college with an over inflated sense of going to college would be. I mean I was going to a top 4 party school at the time and it only went up after I got there. Your welcome, underclassmen. 😉 I damn near went on academic probation with my roommate. Apparently not studying for computer science and electrical engineering classes wasn’t our brightest idea. We were smart in high school so naturally we thought the same about college.

Lo and behold, the roommate failed out, and I switched to an open major. I hadn’t the faintest clue what to do besides a brief stint in politics supporting Ron Paul lolz. But thank zues’s beard I read Worthless. I immediately emailed my advisor telling her I had to switch back to computer science and how much bullshit an “ethics and public policy” major would be. She didn’t take to kindly to that email, but none the less understood my decision. However, during that year I made a base of college friends that were liberal minded and mostly english majors. Talk about worthless. If you want to be a writer just go out and fucking write. It doesn’t take a degree for that. Jeepers.

Knowledge is power my friend. And this a sure way not waste your time, money, and youth on worthless degrees. But remember, there is no such thing as worthless knowledge, just worthelss degrees.

Be sure to check out his other books too. I’ve read Enjoy the Decline and I’d argue it almost runs like a sequel to Worthless. Still working on Bachelor Pad Economics though. In due time.

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