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Starting now, this very instance you have a choice. Everything you do from now on until the end of your days is up to you. Not your parents, not your friends, not your school, not your girlfriend, not anybody. You.

Much like most of you, coming to the internet to find ways to improve yourself or just looking for answers I think its safe to assume you didn’t have enough or maybe not good enough a positive male role model in your life. I didn’t learn how to be a man from my father. Or even my grandfather or any uncles for that matter.

I have learned more in my time from friends that they themselves had created on their own or they too had read a book
or stumbled upon on a website with good info.

My grandfather and my father were rule followers. Bless their souls for at least being there and providing for me financially and doing their best to be involved in my life. I know many men who did not have this luxury.

However, both men were good men, but were not the best at BEING A MAN. Both were timid, soft spoken men who were bossed around by wives that felt entitled to everything and more just for raising a few kids.

Ingrates, but I digress. I do not intend to go on about family issues. What I’m here to instill in you is a chance to create a new history.

As a man you are the one with control. Over. Everything. It is not given it is taken. Other men will respect for it. Women will love you for it. If you don’t women will walk all over you and men will feel ashamed for you.

I’ve seen too many friends fall under the same fate to make the same mistakes. That’s why I made the decision years ago. I will create a new history and I’m in a great position to do it.

I am the last male in the family bloodline capable of continuing the clan’s existence and I certainly intend to. I’m taking my life in the direction I so choose and no one will stop me.

It will be a return to masculine virtue if I do say so myself. Not just for myself, but for the expansion of a return to masculinity in a culture where men can’t be men without being called sexist and women can’t be women without being guilt tripped into feeling they’re oppressing their own gender.

With male suicide rising, and women on popping anti-depressant like skittles it’s clear that something has gone wrong. There’s a reason why traditional gender roles were biological and still are since the beginning and not some social construct made up to “liberate’ women into becoming corporate drones like the rest of the average world. Sounds great, right ladies?

Call me misogynistic, but this was the way the world was supposed to be. Now we have feminists wanting us to bow down when masculinity is inconvenient and man up when it is. Please. No wonder men have opted to go their own way.

I didn’t want to get involved with feminism and its result on our culture, but it has become intruding in my own life enough that it must be addressed. I will not have stand for a deliberate degeneration of both males and females.

Men. Do not be afraid of your masculine desires. You are man. Act like one. If not for you we would still be living in the stone age. Men have a lust for power, but women grow sick with it. They are not built for it and have no idea how to wield it. When you give the women power by putting them on a pedestal, begging for their approval, making them a priority you are screwing yourself over and driving women into mental illness. Put women back in their rightful place. The submissive. The receiver. The nurturer. The care giver. The mother. The sister. Not your better half to any extent. This is her natural place in the world and the primal part of her brain will thank you.

Ladies. Don’t be afraid to embrace your femininity and feel no guilt for not helping “liberating” your gender by slaving away at a corporation. The most important thing you can do is raise the next generation of children properly. A generation where men can be men and women can be women. Not too mention there is nothing more attractive than a woman that embraces her feminine qualities. Your feminine qualities bring out the masculine qualities in us and vice versa. Take after your grandmother. Those were real women.

How much further must we decline before we can rebuild?


“What do I think of success? It sucks, there’s too much stress.” Jay Z

Looks pretty successful to me.

Looks pretty successful to me.

First off this isn’t some grade school bull shit where you define success by whatever makes you happy or some “keys to success” campaign promoting kindness, respect and all that other garbage. No, this is defining achievements worthy enough to credit you “making it”.

The other day a good friend of mine told me, in a sense, “Hey man, your a successful guy you’ve gotten more attractive and doing well with things. Not only that, but I’m glad you don’t give up on me no matter how many times I bail on you.”

Hmph. It was a matter of principle really, but he still brings in enough value to my life to keep around really is an all-around solid person. The fact of the matter was, in his eyes I was successful. Me. Are you kidding? If I am his definition of successful. He’s not going to make it very far, because I myself still have a long way to go, regardless how far I’ve come.

Scratch that. I will always have further to go because success is a process. It is a continuation of the mind and body ever forward. There is no mark, whatsoever. Success to me is a never ending process of improvement resulting in me never really “making it” in my eyes.

I am ok with this and I have accepted it. I will never be satisfied with what I have. This drive and principle behind it to keep moving forward is all I need.

So maybe I actually have become successful in a way. The decision was made. I will forever improve.

Huh. This is what success looks like? Jay Z was right. Ha. Stress, but a good stress. The stress needed to be imposed on the mind and body to get shit done. I kinda like it. Just remember to keep the balance.

What is your vision of success? Do you have a vision in your mind where you’re ok with taking it easy? Or are you forever improving?


Kinda funny that the guy that suggested this idea is the same guy that has an inactive blog which also happened to be my first blog I read introducing me into the sphere. I’ve touched upon this before,but have never actually taken the time the explain my coming into the sphere or show gratitude to those who have taught me everything I know.

You know the story of how I stumbled upon Worthless. But how I came to be interested in these ‘life blogs’ as I knew them as at the time was due to a good friend of mine. I saw a friend of mine changing his life and getting shit from it from the other guys I was naturally drawn to this unusualness. I mean we all gave him shit, myself included. But that didn’t stop me from actually finding out what exactly we were giving him shit for.

Like the rest of my friends, I too wasted countless hours on video games. I was ranked on Halo 3, baby! Played with a couple professionals every once in awhile, but just didn’t care to go that route. How lame does that sound? Pro video game player? That game is going to be obsolete in a few years anyway. Profusely beta, wasted so much time on a one single girl with no results. Putting girls on a pedestal to the max and being there when the ‘asshole’ broke up with them was not uncommon. Scrawny as all hell even though I set records in push ups, sit ups and pull ups when fitness testing came around in gym class. Blew money like it was nothing on stupid shit all the time. Wasn’t my fault I worked a lot in a boring town with nothing else to do, but to waste money on stupid things. (ok maybe it was…)

Oddly enough though, the ones who do go through their younger years being a “not-have” in a way, always tend to reshape their lives to a point much further than those who always did have it. A small percentage does this, the ones who do take action, these people need to prepare to get shit for it.

People who end up doing great things always get shit for it when they start out. That good friend of mine got shit for it, and now I’m just getting over the shit getting stage. But the first stage was finding the sphere….

The sphere is filled with several ways for a young man with dwindling positive male role models(although on the rise, I would argue) to reshape his life and stop going down the road of an average beta infused wage slave. Topics ranging from finance, politics, health, fitness, self-employment, women, game, traveling, etc. I really don’t think there is a topic important enough they haven’t touched upon. There literally is a niche blog for everything out there. You just have to find it.

Being as beta as I was I didn’t really latch on to the game concept right away. Damn near denied it. HA! Boy was I wrong. Once I moved on to Heartiste, that changed real quick. Dude can link game concepts to legitimate scientific studies. Follow this guys word to the point, fellas. I quickly went back and read all of Frost’s game topics with a new intensity.

Everything was coming together like clock-work. My fitness lead to better health, my health led to more confidence, my confidence led to more success with women, my success with women lead to a desire to succeed in other areas, my interest in politics comes and goes correlating with its intrusion on my pursuit of happiness. I have several trips lined up in future to explore the world and my finances have never looked better, besides the whole college debt thing.

Without the sphere, I’d probably be still scrawny, beta, and broke. Show gratitude my friends and if you feel like you too can add to the value of the sphere, start a blog your self and start producing more than you consume.


Every man has started from humble beginnings. Born a child, raised a boy, became a man. He was not given success. It was earned. Through blood, sweat, tears, rejection, cycles of motivation and depression of hitting high points and low points in his quest for improvement.

Starting out afraid of what he might become pursuing something he doesn’t even know will truly satisfy his need to be better, to be recognized, to be validated in some way, whether for himself or a promise he made to someone dear. Asking himself, “Will I be the same person, I started out as when I finish?”

Reaching a point in the middle of his journey after putting in the hours, reading all he can and putting into action the valuable lessons he learned from his mentors, and STILL failure, after failure he endures. Asking himself this time “Is this even worth it? I put int the work, where are MY results that other people are getting?”

A possible identity crisis, after seeing the changes he’s made to himself he thought for the better, but now his friends see him as a threat to their mediocrity, he now has become “too good” to hang out with his friends, just for pursuing his goals in life to better himself the best way he knows how. Asking himself now “What happened to me? Did I take a wrong turn some where?”

Realizing, this is exactly where he wants to be. He has come a long way since then and has have long way to go yet. For self-improvement is a life long process that takes time and effort. You will get knocked down during this struggle, but will be well worth it if you persevere.

Who can identify with one of the scenarios above? I’ve dealt with all four.

Looking back…

In my time, I have been rejected countless times by girls I wanted to date, dance with at a bar, have sex with, even have a simple conversation with. Embrace it. Failure is the touch stone of success, because for every failure you become more experienced. Learn from these failures and you will never BE a failure. This is all a part of the process. You wouldn’t believe the ‘pedestaling’ I did, the things I did for, the money I’ve spent, the time I’ve wasted, on a girl for YEARS, just to have a few drunken make outs. Can you say cuttin’ ties? The law of abundance has never been so sweet to abide by.

I’ve spent plain stupid amounts of money on plain stupid shit for most of my life. Did I NEED that new video game? Did I NEED that big TV? Did I NEED to see that new movie? Fuck no. I was wasting my money on impulse buys that would never benefit me in the long run. I was quenching my thirst for immediate gratification only to be left with a undying lack of satisfaction.

I never took my lifting seriously. I would go to the gym do my workouts if I felt like it and screw it if I didn’t. I ended up not going, more often than not and eating bread and pasta wasn’t helping my case. I’d play the steroids card, the genetics card, the I don’t have time card, anyway to try and rationalize my failure in the field. Motivation and discipline were non-existent.

I used to want to be average. I wanted an average house, average wife, average job, average life. I just wanted to live my life like everybody else. I didn’t want any trouble. Trouble was scary. Trying to be something more was hard. I just want things to be easy and stable. A normal life where the only thing I would have to worry about is keeping up with the Jones’.


Pretty sad right? What kind of life would that be if stuck with what I was doing? Tell ya one thing I wouldn’t be writing this right now that’s for sure. I’ve come a long way from where I was.

I no longer spend money on stupid shit.

I can easily talk to a girl and leave her wanting more by the end of the night.

I have taken my health and fitness to a serious level.

I am so hell bent on improvement I can never see myself being satisfied with anything I accomplish. Never will I be content with what I have. A harsh truth, but I love the challenge.

Looking Forward!

Being the hell bent man on improvement that I am, I can’t help, but want to improve even further than I have since first making the decision to do so. I want even more out of life. This may be very late for new years resolutions, but I never found that type of thing too inspiring. Everyone has new years resolutions. Not everyone aspires to become something greater than themselves. So without further a do. I plan on improving those same four things even further.

I WILL make more money than I ever have through smarter and harder hours of work.

I WILL approach more girls with this impeccable wit and charm, wooing them into my arms 😉

I WILL gain more muscle with a strict program focusing on my weak points, complimented with a diet built for muscle growth.

I WILL never be average.

Expect detailed reports and my personal how-to’s as I journey with you on your path towards self-improvement.

Next time.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, for one-liners and other witty comments.

I’m out.

Meditative Lifting

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Lifting
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An odd event happened on accident at the gym the other day. Having to work out at a university rec center there is more often than not, a struggle for the specific weights you want for your lift. I was ready to cool down my chest work out with some chest flys and the weights I would use plus the 2 next heavier weights were all taken so I just went down 5 pounds instead thinking I’ll just go slow and controlled with proper breathing and maybe that’ll do the trick, and boy was I right.

Breathe in on the way down, out on the way back up. Slowly and surely. I noticed my breathing was similar to the same techniques I would do while meditating at home after a long day or before studying inducing an altered state of mind is the best I can explain it. I felt distanced from everything around me besides my breathing. It didn’t matter the weights were only 5 pounds less than what I was used to doing, I felt like I could of done as many reps I wanted during that time and I did. My body adhered to this mind state like a strict protocol. My mind was at it’s best it wouldn’t let my body fall to the weights under any circumstances. I was going to lift that shit. The weights didn’t have a choice, but to go back up when they went down.

With a simple google search, I discovered I wasn’t the only one who has practiced this phenomena. They may have actually taken the time and researched it before hand instead of stumbling upon like I did, but it wasn’t nothing new to the world out there.

For any lifter looking to experience with an altered state of mind and body I recommend trying this technique yourself and see if you experience the same effects. Maybe you could try this as well….

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