Happy Manosphere Remebrence Day!

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Manosphere
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Kinda funny that the guy that suggested this idea is the same guy that has an inactive blog which also happened to be my first blog I read introducing me into the sphere. I’ve touched upon this before,but have never actually taken the time the explain my coming into the sphere or show gratitude to those who have taught me everything I know.

You know the story of how I stumbled upon Worthless. But how I came to be interested in these ‘life blogs’ as I knew them as at the time was due to a good friend of mine. I saw a friend of mine changing his life and getting shit from it from the other guys I was naturally drawn to this unusualness. I mean we all gave him shit, myself included. But that didn’t stop me from actually finding out what exactly we were giving him shit for.

Like the rest of my friends, I too wasted countless hours on video games. I was ranked on Halo 3, baby! Played with a couple professionals every once in awhile, but just didn’t care to go that route. How lame does that sound? Pro video game player? That game is going to be obsolete in a few years anyway. Profusely beta, wasted so much time on a one single girl with no results. Putting girls on a pedestal to the max and being there when the ‘asshole’ broke up with them was not uncommon. Scrawny as all hell even though I set records in push ups, sit ups and pull ups when fitness testing came around in gym class. Blew money like it was nothing on stupid shit all the time. Wasn’t my fault I worked a lot in a boring town with nothing else to do, but to waste money on stupid things. (ok maybe it was…)

Oddly enough though, the ones who do go through their younger years being a “not-have” in a way, always tend to reshape their lives to a point much further than those who always did have it. A small percentage does this, the ones who do take action, these people need to prepare to get shit for it.

People who end up doing great things always get shit for it when they start out. That good friend of mine got shit for it, and now I’m just getting over the shit getting stage. But the first stage was finding the sphere….

The sphere is filled with several ways for a young man with dwindling positive male role models(although on the rise, I would argue) to reshape his life and stop going down the road of an average beta infused wage slave. Topics ranging from finance, politics, health, fitness, self-employment, women, game, traveling, etc. I really don’t think there is a topic important enough they haven’t touched upon. There literally is a niche blog for everything out there. You just have to find it.

Being as beta as I was I didn’t really latch on to the game concept right away. Damn near denied it. HA! Boy was I wrong. Once I moved on to Heartiste, that changed real quick. Dude can link game concepts to legitimate scientific studies. Follow this guys word to the point, fellas. I quickly went back and read all of Frost’s game topics with a new intensity.

Everything was coming together like clock-work. My fitness lead to better health, my health led to more confidence, my confidence led to more success with women, my success with women lead to a desire to succeed in other areas, my interest in politics comes and goes correlating with its intrusion on my pursuit of happiness. I have several trips lined up in future to explore the world and my finances have never looked better, besides the whole college debt thing.

Without the sphere, I’d probably be still scrawny, beta, and broke. Show gratitude my friends and if you feel like you too can add to the value of the sphere, start a blog your self and start producing more than you consume.


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