Get Uncomfortable

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Thoughts
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In reading King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine
(next post will be about, KWML) I did my best to reconnect with all four archetypes. Mostly the King type and became calmer, content and comfortable with what I had. I mean if your a King you’ve got it made. I for one didn’t have it made, I was comfortable, but I defintely did not have it made. My environment was comfortable for the most part, aside from school with I despise. On top of that I had a week of break where I went back to my hometown and the environment there just breeds laziness. (Another friend and I cleaned most of another friends house for him during this time, for fucks sake.)

In short, I was too comfortable. Sleeping in, went to the gym maybe 4 times in the past two weeks and went to a friends house to either play video games or talk about his business idea that he has no idea on how much work he has to put in since he’s never held a job for more than a few months at a time. He virtually knows nothing about the inner workings of how a business runs let alone run one himself, but who am I to talk if I’ve never run one myself, eh? But I digress.

At home, I had a free place to stay, free food, and could walk anywhere I wanted. I didn’t have to worry about my food supply or if I had to turn down the heat to save on utilities.

At home my friends have the mindset of “We’re all on break, time to get fucked up and not do shit” not on what we want to do with ourselves when this break is over. Most of us only have a year left of no responsibility, living with their parents and we’re still sitting on asses worrying about who’s got the next round at the bar. To say our lives were comfortable would be an understatement. I’m actually excited for when they get uncomfortable and have to find their own way through the real world.

Some people love what they have try very hard to enjoy the little things that they have. In fact a small sub group of my friends are hugely into that at the moment. I can only relate so much as to I am grateful that I have the opportunity to improve in such an easy life in comparison to the rest of the world, but beyond that I just can’t do it. I have a slight envy of people like that, but my improvement is more important to me. I skipped out on a picnic with them today to write this post and go to the gym. I’ll see them after. Priorities, my friends.

On another note, reflecting on the status of this blog as whole, (I haven’t posted in nearly a month) we are nearing the 3 month mark where the blog either flops are flourishes and boy did I come close to shutting this blog down for a couple reasons. I meditated on it for a long time and decided that when first starting out I thought I had enough material to be an authority on the topics I had chosen to write about. As time went on I ran out of things to say due to me wanting to post about topics I had wanted to try but had not entirely done yet. I did not have the right to speak on these things. The new direction of this blog will not be so much a blueprint full of “How-tos” but a journey of what I’m experimenting with. A story book if you will. Expect less of “do this” and “do that”, but more I did this and sucked or I did that and it was great.



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