The Placebo Effect

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Thoughts
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What your body doesn’t think it can do, your mind has already done. – Elliot Hulse


Your mind is everything. It is the control center for every single thing you choose to do in life and can have a profound effect on what you think you can do and what you actually are capable of doing. Exhibit A. You just failed an exam, got bitched at at work, and your girlfriend broke up with you. But you still go to the gym feeling depressed and run down. Your workout sucked, right?

Turn this situation around. Today is your lucky day, you aced and exam, got a promotion and your girlfriend gave you morning head. Sounds like the life. You go to the gym and hit a new PR. This is the cherry on top. Notice the difference in your mind?

The same thing can be done with tricking your mind into a optimal state for lifting, going out, whatever really. I’m reading Extraordinary Healing: The Amazing Power of Your Body’s Secret Healing System
by Art Brownstein, M.D. and he too has example after example of patients, just by believing and having the mindset of “I will get better”, “I will recover” or “I will not allow this heart disease to kill me” and it works. Cancer patients have seen miraculous recoveries just by telling themselves they would get better.

In his sophomore year of college, Josh was diagnosed with a rare, malignant brain tumor. His type of tumor carried a poor prognosis. Fewer than 12 people in the entire world had had this type of tumor, and no one had lived longer than a year after the diagnosis was made, even with the best treatment that conventional medicine had to offer.
Although Josh was initially devastated by the news, something in his mind refused to buy into his death sentence. He believed in his heart that his body could heal itself. He did not say much to others, but, secretly inside, Josh vowed to defy the statistics. As he set about changing his diet and lifestyle, reducing his stress and taking the time to listen to his intuition, Josh took a leave of absence from school to concentrate on his deeper healing. After just 4 months a CT brain scan showed that his tumor had indeed grown a little smaller. His doctors were amazed and told him to keep doing whatever he was doing.
After 9 months, the tumor had shrunk to less than one-third of its original size. After 18 months, 6 months after he should have been dead, Josh’s tumor was no longer detectable on the CT scan. Three years later, the tumor still had not recurred. Josh was elated, but he wasn’t surprised. Now a doctor himself, Josh counsels his patients on their attitudes while he educates them about their mind and the power of their beliefs to improve the quality of their health. Josh is not against conventional medical treatment to increase the odds of a successful outcome when a patient is faced with a difficult diagnosis, but he believes into positive, healthy ones is imperative. He is living proof that a optimistic beliefs can activate internal healing mechanisms and overcome incurable diseases.

Extraordinary Healing. Art Brownstein, M.D.

The mind truely is incredible.

I, myself used to believe creatine was more of a stimulant to get me amped up before my lift. (There wasn’t even caffeine mixed in this particular blend) and I would get red in the face and start to shake if I didn’t get to the gym within 30 minutes of taking it. I would take it and a few minutes in I would just listen to my workout jams lil jon… and fuckin lose it on the car ride there.

Even academic pyscology departments are creating special areas just for the study of “positive psychology” or the power of the mind.

Now I’m no expert but, I would encourage you to read As You Think or Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich
to really dive into the power of positive thinking. Essentially a placebo, nothing has been given to you besides a powerful mindset. Although I found Think and Grow Rich invigorating when I first read it and gives some insight on business ventures, I read As You Think soon after and the same info without the personal stories can be found for free in As You Think online.

Next time you find yourself looking for that extra something in basically whatever you’re doing in life, try that simple mind trick.



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