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If you keep up with corrective stretching and lifting you will know there are resources for correcting “duck butt” and bad posture, but not so much if you are so unfortunate to have the dreaded ‘Hank Hill Syndrome'(HHS). For those of you who had the pleasure of NOT watching this god awful show between Home Improvement and the Simpsons after school, lucky you. This is Hank Hill Syndrome.


Terrifying isn’t it? But fear not, there is hope for you as there is for me. Yes I too, am suffering from a minor case of Hank Hill Syndrome. My gluteus maximus is too large relative to my gluteus medius. Meaning my side ass needs to be bigger. I guess super squats will do that to a person.

One simple exercise to correct this imbalance is a hip abduction movement. You can use the machine that makes girls look like they’re giving birth or you can use a cable machine with a leg strap as shown. Stretching your gluteus maximus combined with cable hip abductions will help bring out this new found muscle.


For those of you who have….Are blessed with some fat around your ass, no problem. Enjoy that gift. But for those of us who have not an ounce of body fat on our body, we need to keep up or muscular balance if we are to maintain a well formed physique.

For the heavy, deep squatters out there should in particular pay attention to this exercise as your glutes might start to show this imbalance. To really find the muscle I’m talking about stand normally and then shift your weight from one leg to another a few times and feel the side of your ass contract and extend. This is your gluteus medius. This muscle is responsible for rotating your leg inwards or more frontward facing.

In addition to HHS, strengthening you gluteus medius will improve your balance on one leg. Right now I have to lean or reposition my footing to balance on one leg. My roommate who is an athletic training student caught this on my way to leg day (go figure) when he made fun of the way I walk. Which reminds…ONE MORE THING, strengthening the gluteus medius does for you is bring your outward pointing stride back in, frontward facing. This means no more duck waddling with each step.

Join the movement.


“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates

sick minds, sick bodies

Ask an average person with an average diet and an average exercise regiment, how they are and they will tell you, they’re fine. Their brain cells are slowly being killed off by lack of stimulation and large amounts of alcohol consumption, but they’re fine they tell you. Their bodies are atrophying by their poor workout plan and processed garbage they call food, but they are fine they tell you.

The average person goes about their day, knowingly or not, committing a slow suicide. Mentally, physically, spiritually. Reading nothing than the latest trend on twitter or facebook. Letting their bodies morph into the couch itself, becoming another cushion on the frame. Not pursuing the child like inspiration in their soul, telling them to go out and do what they dream to do because they have bills to pay’. Maybe rightfully so, but this does not warrant a life of a slow death.

The more I take my health seriously, the less I want to eat out with the masses. The options are few if any that do not make me want to vomit soon after. If I go more than week without lifting heavy I physically become depressed and have to force myself to pump out a set of Super Squats

Juicing, lifting, and getting a good nights sleep, more or less, makes me feel incredible. Most of those around me and that I observe I can tell are aging quickly and they are only in their 20’s. Their minds and their bodies are going to shit well before their natural aging process wants to allow. Bags under their eyes, skin looking damaged and dull, with fat accumulating around their bodies and the mind doesn’t go unscathed either. The mind that started out inspired and delighted to begin a new life has been murdered and replaced with a machine mind hell bent on serving the interest of leading a stable life.

Too often do I see people living the unexamined life. Sacrificing health for ‘wealth’ can only be executed for so long before it becomes unsustainable.

Health of the Body

Diet and exercise. It’s so simple yet so hard for so many to understand and execute properly. This will differ for different people with different goals in mind, but the concept stays the same. If your are not burning more calories than you are taking in, and not working out you will get fat. Fat isn’t good for anybody no matter what the doctors say about being healthy fat. I eat a 80//20 paleo diet with the exception of milk, cottage cheese, and an occasional pb and j (I am just a sucker for the pb and j) and juice regularly. It is not hard to eat clean and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body.

A day in the life, Diet and Exercise wise.

Breakfast: 2 cups Oatmeal ( not entirely paleo either, add it to the list)
1 cup of mixed berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries)
½ cup of cottage cheese
2 eggs over easy
Tall glass of milk

I’ll usually prepare my own juice the night before hand to take with me to class and eat light until I go lift.

Green Machine Juice: Handful of Kale, 5 stalks of broccoli, 2 green apples, lime juice, 1 banana, water.
Bag of trail mix: (peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, m&ms)

Dinner: 2 cups of brown rice
2 chicken breasts
2 cups of mixed veggies(baby blend)
More cottage cheese 🙂 about ½ cup
1 cup of mixed berries
Tall glass of milk

Leg day:
1 set of super squats. 20 x 1. 225lbs
4 sets of dead lifts. Starting at 155 pyramiding to 185 for last set.
3 sets of leg curl. Starting at 135 pyramiding to 155 for last set.
3 sets of calve raises. Start at 255 pyramiding to 275 for last set.

I can barely walk up to the second floor to do leg curls after squats and dead lifts.

Full workout and diet plan soon to come.

Health of the Mind

If you go day in and day out, 8-10 hours a day doing something you hate for someone else’s benefit. You are committing spiritual suicide. You will become dead inside and live the rest of your life waiting for retirement and death to get a break.

Work relentlessly to free yourself from the bullshit we are being conditioned to endure. Ignore everyone and do your own thing if you have to. If you end up working for someone else and you love it, I am glad for you. I can’t even stomach the thought it. That being said, if you are like me and are still working for someone else, you must take the time out to invest in yourself in whatever way you see fit.

Read Books!
Take the time off to recharge, but also find the time to expand your mind to alternative perspectives. You can learn at least one thing from any person at anytime if you are looking for it. Books can be the perfect lens into another persons mind if you cant find someone physically. Autobiographies are great in this regard. Ask your friends over just to hang out and talk, you’ll be surprised with the topics that can be entertained when given the opportunity. I find my best talks are immediately after a good lift. Post workout pondering should be the podcast for those talks if I recorded them. Ha.

Meditate with deep breathing focusing on your breathing and chanting a mantra in your head for 10 minutes a day. This will help clear your mind immensely when you feel like all the stress in your life is giving you stomach ulcers. Lock yourself in your room or find an enclosed area where you wont be distracted and just breathe, close your eyes, and chant.

If you find yourself indulging in destructive activities to deal with stress, try finding more constructive activities to replace them. I can’t even begin to list all the things you can do, but a few would be reading,writing, painting, drawing, running, working out, driving, have sex!, yoga, fishing, hunting, watch a movie, build something, work on a new skill….

This is mere scratch on the surface for what you can do for the mind and body. Remember this is my experience and have no problem hearing yours and what you do for you mind and body.

Join the movement.


I got a date!

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I got a date! Yea, a real one! I’ve waited all day for this! Make sure I’m all dressed downed and laced up. can’t wear the wrong attire to the place I’ll be at!

At first she’s cold, but I warm her up. She’s silent and still, but accepting to my touch. Submitting to my advances, almost as if she wants me to go all the way this time.

She brings me down, but I lift her up. She tries to take hold of things to no avail. She easily forgets who is in charge here. Tonight prepared to be thrown, pushed, pulled, every which way tonight.

She leaves me out of breath after we’re done. Sweating, red in the face, can’t believe what we just did. Was that a new record for how long I lasted? Could of sworn I didn’t have the stamina I did the last time we did this.

I get depressed if I without her long. She is my life, she is my fleeting breath. She may think I’m clingy, but I protest. My energy, my happiness, my confidence, my everything is with her.

I’ll love her forever, can’t tell me I’m wrong. I’ll never leave her. Not until the day I die, but to say this she is a girl would be a lie.

I got a date alright, I got a date with the plates.

Just an Idea

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“Knowledge without action is useless, and action without knowledge is dangerous.” – Walter Meyer


A buddy of mine texted me his ambitions today and we got on the subject of ideas. Not that we had any specific ideas at the time, but the thought of an idea as a whole was intriguing. What is an idea if it not be a dangerous one? If one has an idea, let it be original or not with no danger involved, what have you accomplished? Seems to me like an idea done time and time again with every ounce of security you can find, holding your hand all the way through life’s ride.

Then again, what is an idea with the risk of danger involved? An idea ll your own or one done by the courageous few. An idea SHOULD be dangerous. Failure looming over your head, several nay-sayers discouraging your efforts. Some will say your crazy, others will agree. This is not their idea, do not expect them to understand it.

Do, however, let your actions be your thoughts and your thoughts be your actions. The first, yet simplest step to jump start an idea is to share the knowledge. Share this knowledge and find like minded individuals. They will become your mentor, and you theirs. Bouncing ideas off each other will keep the ego humbled.

You can make your case for or against making your idea known. There are points worth considering on both sides. I for one embrace the challenge of others trying to derail me, staying accountable for the ones who do support me, and possible copy cats.

I am unphased and am comfortable getting uncomfortable.