Just an Idea

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Thoughts
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“Knowledge without action is useless, and action without knowledge is dangerous.” – Walter Meyer


A buddy of mine texted me his ambitions today and we got on the subject of ideas. Not that we had any specific ideas at the time, but the thought of an idea as a whole was intriguing. What is an idea if it not be a dangerous one? If one has an idea, let it be original or not with no danger involved, what have you accomplished? Seems to me like an idea done time and time again with every ounce of security you can find, holding your hand all the way through life’s ride.

Then again, what is an idea with the risk of danger involved? An idea ll your own or one done by the courageous few. An idea SHOULD be dangerous. Failure looming over your head, several nay-sayers discouraging your efforts. Some will say your crazy, others will agree. This is not their idea, do not expect them to understand it.

Do, however, let your actions be your thoughts and your thoughts be your actions. The first, yet simplest step to jump start an idea is to share the knowledge. Share this knowledge and find like minded individuals. They will become your mentor, and you theirs. Bouncing ideas off each other will keep the ego humbled.

You can make your case for or against making your idea known. There are points worth considering on both sides. I for one embrace the challenge of others trying to derail me, staying accountable for the ones who do support me, and possible copy cats.

I am unphased and am comfortable getting uncomfortable.



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