One Simple Move to Prevent Hank Hill Ass

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Lifting
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If you keep up with corrective stretching and lifting you will know there are resources for correcting “duck butt” and bad posture, but not so much if you are so unfortunate to have the dreaded ‘Hank Hill Syndrome'(HHS). For those of you who had the pleasure of NOT watching this god awful show between Home Improvement and the Simpsons after school, lucky you. This is Hank Hill Syndrome.


Terrifying isn’t it? But fear not, there is hope for you as there is for me. Yes I too, am suffering from a minor case of Hank Hill Syndrome. My gluteus maximus is too large relative to my gluteus medius. Meaning my side ass needs to be bigger. I guess super squats will do that to a person.

One simple exercise to correct this imbalance is a hip abduction movement. You can use the machine that makes girls look like they’re giving birth or you can use a cable machine with a leg strap as shown. Stretching your gluteus maximus combined with cable hip abductions will help bring out this new found muscle.


For those of you who have….Are blessed with some fat around your ass, no problem. Enjoy that gift. But for those of us who have not an ounce of body fat on our body, we need to keep up or muscular balance if we are to maintain a well formed physique.

For the heavy, deep squatters out there should in particular pay attention to this exercise as your glutes might start to show this imbalance. To really find the muscle I’m talking about stand normally and then shift your weight from one leg to another a few times and feel the side of your ass contract and extend. This is your gluteus medius. This muscle is responsible for rotating your leg inwards or more frontward facing.

In addition to HHS, strengthening you gluteus medius will improve your balance on one leg. Right now I have to lean or reposition my footing to balance on one leg. My roommate who is an athletic training student caught this on my way to leg day (go figure) when he made fun of the way I walk. Which reminds…ONE MORE THING, strengthening the gluteus medius does for you is bring your outward pointing stride back in, frontward facing. This means no more duck waddling with each step.

Join the movement.



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