The Unbeaten Path Hurts my Feet

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Improvement, Manosphere
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When I started working on myself for the better, I didn’t have the initial lash back from friends or family. About damn near everyone of them offered some kind of encouragement for the most part. There was a little bit of confusion like “what the fuck, man?” when I would hang out at a friends house and instead of paying attention to netflix or playing super smash bros. I would be reading manosphere blogs, but that was the worst of it until I started to notice something recently.

I am not sure whether it’s just my environment where they say, “if you’re the most successful person in the room find a new room” or if those around are me feel some kind of inferiority complex. I am not trying to arrogant about what I’ve done with myself, but due to not drinking and working out as routinely as brushing my teeth, people have either been distancing themselves from me or I have reached a different level of personal development. I am merely expressing and reaching out to people on a path to self-improvement that may have or might encounter similar experiences. That being said…

Is it so hard to find like minded people hell bent on self improvement because there are so few of us? Or am I unable to inspire those around me powerfully enough yet, that they don’t feel the spark inside themselves do better. I’ve gone through six lifting partners now and I think I may have found someone who can consistently keep up with me and not bitch about being “too tired” or “too sore” from the daily activities. We all have day jobs and we’re all busy people, get over it.

In my average of your friends post I talk about having a balance of your successful friends and your party friends. I’m starting to see a skewed distribution with myself having more party friends than I do successful friends. I think I am now down to three who I can consider advantageous in my development whose number I actually have in my phone. Three. Three out of 300. 1% of the people I can call on my phone do I consider a mentor, a teacher, or someone with experience in something I would like to improve on.

I would like to believe we can learn something from everyone we meet in some shape or form, but at what cost. The crabs in the barrel metaphor rings truer than ever. Those who can’t do something want to tell you can’t do it because they’ve never done it. They sit around all day on imgur or have no ambitions after work other than to binge on netflix and have the next finest beer circle jerk over a new Indian pale ale.

To avoid feeling like a lone wolf in a pack of bored sheep, seek out these people that can act as mutual development partners. Connect with people in online communities as well. I follow Elliot Hulse’s videos religiously. Never met him, but he does follow me on Twitter so there’s that. Someone I have never met has had more of impact than hundred of people I’ve met in real life. Really cherish these kinds of people you find that can help you help yourself. It make take some prodding at first, as successful people will want to keep themselves away from crabs themselves, but if you can prove to them you’re serious, it’ll be worth it.

I may never understand why some people choose to be average, and it may be lonely at the top, but I bet the view is incredible.

Join the movement.


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