Taking the Mask Off

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Improvement, Thoughts
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In becoming the best versions of ourselves, one of the things I’ve struggled with in the past year or so is being completely transparent with everyone. Growing up the youngest of six and taking shit from all sides I learned to tell everyone what they wanted to hear. If Kelly comes wines to me about Michelle then hell yea Michelle’s a bitch and vice-versa. Another case would be, if I thought someone had a lot of knowledge to offer me I would just sit and absorb offering very little back to that person.

Reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self-Reliance as well as realizing the most common prison sentence is the one we set for ourselves. If we cannot learn how to express ourselves to fullest capacity we are doing the world a disservice as well as ourselves. Since I’ve started being more transparent and expressing myself with no concern for what others thought, I’ve noticed more people have come to me with interest in what I’m doing with my life. If someone asks me how I’m doing or what I’m up to, I’ll them exactly that. I’m doing well, I’ll say. Graduation with a four-year degree and making plans to do what I actually want to do with my life has got people genuinely interested I think. To my surprise one of my “King” authorities if you will, told me he’s the one who sits and absorbs information from me now. Although I had gotten him into Ron Paul in 2010 (lolz) and sparked some readings for him and keep him going in the gym I still consider him the King type in our rag tag group, but I digress.

I will have a BA in computer science from a Big 10 university, but my real goal is become a personal trainer, jump start this blog and work for myself as soon as possible. The people I talk to on a regular basis who were serious about getting into shape have all come to me with diet and exercise questions, like I’m an authority of some kind. Maybe I am to an extent, but not a professional. Because of this I’ve decided to start writing a fitness e-book on my few days off here during the week. That being said, expect this blog to feature more health and fitness related posts, or have a sibling site solely for that.

Taking off the mask is easier said then done. Truth is, the majority of the people you surround yourself suck. Your teachers suck, the other students suck, your parents suck, your friends suck the girl at the check out counter…sucks. Yup, the majority them suck. I never ask anyone for advice that I know for a fact hasn’t done what I’m trying to do. If your even smaller than I am or weaker than I am, don’t tell me how to lift. If your body looks like shit, don’t tell me how to eat either. Realizing not that you’re better than everyone, but you’re actively working on more things than they are makes you not give a flying fuck. Stagnation is death and I’m not about to care about a persons opinion who commits spiritual suicide at 25 when they think they’ve “made it” with there first job after college.

Not giving a fuck, in the best way possible, allows a person to live freely among the masses. I can walk down the street with a smile making eye contact with every passerby and love it. I can talk about my opinions with anyone and those who agree can relate. Those who don’t can add another perspective to my experience if they take it well and if they don’t take it well they can fuck right off now can’t they.

Another way to help you in ‘taking the mask off’ is understanding most people will appreciate you being open or transparent with them and will return the gesture. The more you give to people the more you will receive. The world is your mirror, guys.



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