Why We Lift

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Improvement, Lifting
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Do you lift, bro? Seriously bro…DO YOU EVEN LIFT?! If you don’t, here is a good starting point. If you do why do you even lift, bro? I had to have a moment of clarity with a colleague who mentioned to another colleague that I in fact only did it for vanity and spent more time looking in the mirror than I did lifting. What rubbish. I’ve spent more time in the gym than he’s spent wishing he could lift. Garbage really.


Lifting for vanity or to look more appealing to the ladies can only get you so far. You’ll spend all your workouts on the vanity lifts for the girls creating muscular imbalances or quit once you get to a level where you start making progress with girls. I would even argue it’s not the body itself that got you the girl, but it was the confidence you gained from those lifts. Your confidence sky rockets, your posture is better, you’re less stressed and anxious, more energy, the mental benefits far surpass the physical benefits in social interactions. Respect the lift, bro.

In my experience, I lift because I have grown to love the lift. I’ve been lifting consistently for over a year now and suffer a mild depression if I don’t lift during the week. If I don’t lift everything else in life just kind of sucks. Mental fogs, less energy, eat less healthy than I would if I were lifting and I’m just plain lazy.

But I wasn’t always this way. Before I would dread the lift and try to rationalize every excuse in the book for why I couldn’t lift that day. I would hate a certain exercise like squats and avoid leg day like the plague. In fact, I was so ignorant of the ways of the lift, I thought to myself as a young teen that my legs would get bigger from the amount of weight I would put on my upper body. (laugh… its ok.) I Had no idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway. Sometimes, even in lifting with some degree of injury likely, you just have to shut your brain off and do it. First time I did dead lifts, I was bed ridden. One fateful leg day, I was doing squats and felt my back just “crunch”. Bed ridden. Fucked up my wrist doing cleans. Still going at it to this day.

Dat Body

I lift because I LOVE to lift. The chalk on the hands during and the caluses after. The social clubs they call gyms to rugged and raw work out temples. I’ve even compared my post-workout high to being better than MDMA. ( maybe it was shitty molly) I love everything about it. What makes it EVEN better is I’m becoming some kind of authority in my circle when it comes to lifting. A buddy I haven’t seen since he joined the army a year ago called me yesterday for diet and exercise advice, imagine that. Being that I am a small guy who isn’t jacked out of his mind, a lot of people call “shredded” or “ripped”. You can decide for youself, but the problem with lifting is the day you want to get bigger, you become forever small because you’ll never be as big as you want to be.


Join the movement.



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