Experience is Everything

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Thoughts
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Having torn my shoulder last week, this past week of not lifting left me sulking in my apartment feeling the withdrawals of an Iron Temple addict. Although I lifted yesterday and am not quite back to 100% it has been giving me time to think with all the time on my hands from not hanging out in the gym.

That is no matter how hard we try, we will never fully experience another person’s experiences. Our perspectives are based solely on our experiences and like snow flakes not a single one will be the same. Recently I’ve been actively working to try to convey exactly what was on my mind with others in person whether they liked what would they hear or not to become a more authentic person. Holding the red pill influenced views that I do, I was presented with a lot of blank stares, “WTF’s” and “that’s not true!” It becomes increasingly hard to relate, but I digress.

In conjunction with taking our own masks off, we too must create an environment to allow others to take theirs off as well. Listen and inquire about another persons perspective and make an attempt to infer where or what kind of experiences this perspective came from. It may help improve yours.

Another method to get inside someones head, read biographies of great men.

Join the movement.



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