The 50 Fallen Stars and The Tattered 13 Bars

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Thoughts
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“Freedom isn’t free, mother fucker!” You’re right, Hick Billy, it isn’t. The revolutionaries fought for it. The slaves fought for it. And a select few congressman today are fighting for it, but do not tell me the soldiers over seas are protecting your freedom so you don’t have to. Most of them volunteered for the benefits along with it, not to protect your freedom. Unpopular 4th of July opinion incoming. Your freedom hasn’t ever been fought for overseas. Not in Iraq, not in Vietnam, not Korea, not in WW2 or 1 and definitely not in Afghanistan. There are more threats to your freedom in the 10 mile radius around DC than there will ever be outside of America.

The NDAA, NDRP, and constant government dependency from the people are contributing to the land of the free becoming the land of the fuck this. The government owes you this or the government owes you that. The big G can spy on you no problem, blatantly like to us, grant itself immunity, and drone strike its own citizens.

What do we do about this? I was a state delegate in the 2012 elections and making changes by trying rewrite the system is far from easy. The powerful have a way making sure they keep their power. That being said we can be a part of the system, try and rewrite the system or cheat the system.

One of these require of a life time worth of dedication and hard work. Another is painfully blue pill switching between two false oppositions every four years. The other? Look no further than our very own red pill thinking.

For the most part, we can choose not to bother with the concerns of the voting public and their elected officials, but sooner or later it cannot be avoided. Enlightened, strong, red pill men is the last thing an ever growing parasite of a government wants. Income independence, non-feminist, self improving men questioning the system and opting out of it starves the beast.

After celebrating the anniversary of this country I invite you to remind yourselves of the limited government beliefs the founding fathers had when they created a vision for what was seen as the symbol of freedom at the time. With great freedom comes great responsibility, but when we reject this responsibility, the government sees an opportunity to extend its intrusive hand into our lives. Live free and live responsibly, do not depend on an ever growing and inefficient government to furnish your wants and needs.



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