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With fall semester right around the corner for the college freshman, there are a few things they, or the returning veteran should do before going back to school. Needless to say this is not your run of the mill get everything you need from Target sale, it’s an honest insight from a recent college grad. (Bastards still haven’t sent me the diploma yet.)

1.) Pick up a copy of Aaron Clarey’s Worthless I cannot stress the importance of this book enough on this blog in regards to a college education. This book alone can help you stay away from degrees that have no place in a 16 thousand dollar or more a year institution. For those of us who do go to college, possibly making the biggest financial decision of your life at the ripe young age of 18, it would be foolish to go for a degree unable to pay itself back plus some. This book helped me switch from an ethics and public policy major to getting a degree in computer science and when I tried lending it to some of my English major friends they wouldn’t even look at it. Truth hurts.

2.) Pick up a copy of a James Altucher’s 40 Alternatives to College Once you’ve dived into the material inside Worthless, you’re thinking what now right? Besides going to college for a non worthless degree, Altucher offers a myriad of different things you can do besides going to college. In my experience, academia killed me. In the four years I spent at a Big 10 university I lost my interest in a topic that was once fascinating to me and is only starting to come back to me since I’ve begun working independently again. Go try out something new and interesting for free or a fraction of the cost instead of digging yourself a hole filled with debt.

3.) If you think you know what you want to do…go do it!
Try your hand at an entry level position or at the very least try for an apprenticeship with somebody who already works in your desired field. You will learn infinitely more from a person who is performing the work compared to someone who teaches it. Hands on experience will trump schooling of any kind, every time.

4.) If you don’t know what you want to do…
Then why are you going? Seriously, why are you going? If you want a “college experience” move to a college town, work some shitty part time job and party your ass off taking every kind of drug you can get your hands on. Take two years to fuck yourself up as humanly possible and take the next two years to try piece yourself back together for big time job interviews.

Now college can be a great place to be if you do it right, but this is the exception rather than the rule. I can guarantee you there aren’t enough jobs in the world for the amount of liberal arts majors there are. But if you do decide to go to college or to continue going to college, there is no reason to not read Christian McQueen’s and Hans Dix’  Campus Hustler to get the most out of your college experience without going on academic probation.

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Anywhere you search for what supplements you should buy, its always protein powder, creatine, BCAA’s, NO, or some phytochemical you’ve never heard before. here, here, and here were the top results for a google search of best workout supplements and what do we find, but tubs full of powdered garbage.
Perhaps if we had people who were dedicated to the grind and didn’t eat like shit we wouldn’t have the bloated supp industry we have now.

Whey protein shake for immediate recovery, casein protein shake before bed for slow burning intake to get you through the night, and then another whey + creatine shake before a lift for MAXIMUM bro science official muscle growth.

I can see how easy it is to prey upon a young and naive demographic wanting to get jacked, and it pisses me off. Putting on muscle is already expensive enough when it comes to needing more food for more calorie expenditure and bigger clothes when you start seeing results. (When your thighs are bigger than your waste, every pair of jeans become skinny jeans) The last thing you need to spend your hard earned money on are powdered false claims.

Whey Protein – Everybody needs a FAST burning protein to get to our muscles as QUICKLY as possible to OPTIMALLY build strength and size.

Casein Protein – If you don’t have a SLOW burning protein to keep you going after the fast burning whey protein is gone your work out will go to SHIT!

BCAAs – As if protein wasn’t enough by itself we must break it down to the components that are it individually. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are a far better source for muscle repair and is best if you take them separately on top of your two other protein powders.

Candy Bars Protein Bars – The avid weight lifter is always on the go and needs QUALITY protein such as the estrogenic soy protein crammed full of chocolate indulgence and cookie dough delight. Make sure to sneak one of these babies in between meals to keep up your protein stores.

Creatine is the only supplement worth your while for training.

For any kind of resistance training, most likely it is your ATP energy system that is going to be used. Adenosine triphosphate is the energy compound in your muscles when performing reps. When this energy is used up it loses a phosphate and becomes adenosine diphosphate. This is where creatine comes in.


Creatine comes from all animal flesh in small amounts or can be supplemented via powder form. When ingested it’s stored in a creatine phosphate form. I’m starting to see a connection here.

What creatine does is when ATP stores are depleted it gives the ADP byproduct back another phosphate replenishing our energy stores for more reps. This is what we call intermittent set recovery. With creatine you can train better for longer. Anything else is garbage.

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I’ve had this idea for a post since I started this blog back in January Although I’ve thought about it far too long and have actually changed my perspective on it since, the question still remains to be answered. Can we blame our fathers and for what?

After digesting the red pill enough, I looked to the previous male role models in my life with resentment, pardon the one who first showed me the red pill. Why couldn’t these grown ass men teach a developing young man concepts like self-improvement, game, unplugging from mainstream garbage, education bubbles, politics, opt out of the rat race, etc. I damn near went mad trying to figure this out. Here I was, in a middle of an online community, where several men have it figured out, but the people around me just didn’t get it. I was a minority.

The answer was very simple. They didn’t have it figured out either. They were in the same position I was, just 10 to 20 years older. The same blue pill plagued them, but in a different manner. Where I was relatively new to blue pill atrocities, these guys have suffered decades longer. Granted there would be a few that had some parts figured out. One would have game, another knew our schooling system was bullshit, and one was even politically involved with me, but none were seasoned in all areas. Hence, I cannot blame my father for not teaching me things he didn’t know. Great man, just not educated in red pill thought.

But this is not our fathers world, even less so our grand fathers world. Times have changed and previous social contracts have become one sided or non existent all together. My father still sees college degrees as invaluable, marriage an unbreakable vow no matter how damaging, and believes the government can be an efficient entity. All of which are no longer. Maybe in his time growing up things were different, but then again maybe they weren’t, being that he hasn’t passed on the knowledge a group of online men have.

So the times are different and we cannot blame our fathers, then who? No one organization or person is at fault here, rather a collective and gradual declination. Damn near every institution has been lying to you. Your school, your churches, your parents, your government, all of them, whether knowingly or not has been feeding you false information.

However, I cannot believe all of these people had malintent in mind, they have significantly contributed to a decline in social value. If they are just as misinformed as modern day fathers, are they not at fault either?

With nowhere else to look, we look to ourselves. Learn how to be personally responsible for all things, for the world is your mirror. You’re not where you are because of him or her, you are where you are because of your own actions. If you want something go get it. Learn everything you can about it. If you stay in a state of mind that blames others for any kind of downfall you lose out on a key ingredient to becoming Self Reliant.

Take your own initiative. Educate yourself in your own interests. Develop your own game.

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