Four Easy Blends to Get Juiced

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Health, Improvement
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Today we’re getting juiced! No not that kind of juiced involving steroids, but the kind with, you know, ACTUAL juice.

With the convenience of prepackaged garbage they call food on the shelves of every grocery store it can sometime be difficult to sit down, prepare the food, and eat a wholesome meal with the some real nutritional value.

Similar to the concept of “drinking your calories” often spoken when weightlifters go on bulking season, so too can you “drink” your food with these five easy blends anyone with a Wal-Mart nearby and blender/juicer on the counter can make.

Triple M

Honeydew Melon
Musk Melon
Mint Leaves

Equal amounts of each melon and throw in as much mint as you desire. I personally like a heavier minty flavor due me not being a big fan of melon, but can be a refreshing drink on a hot day.

Mean Green

Green apple

What I first started out juicing with, a very vegetable heavy mix, this can be a little too much for the new comer. Adding lime or a green apple can help make it a little sweeter.

They called him Malone…Water-Malone.

Red apple
Lemon/lemon juice

Sweeter blend with barely a hint of kale taste, this too can be a easy down on a hot summer day.

And my personal favorite at the moment.

Mother Earth

Bears…BEETS!…Battle Star Galactica!
Red apples

Tastes like what it is. Mother Earth with a tad of sweet flavor. You can reduce the earthy flavor by peeling the beet, but I think I kind of like it myself and you don’t wanna miss out on the benefits beet juice.

There you have it, four easy blends for getting juiced. To get more on getting juiced head on over to Mike’s Fit Juice site.



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