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I remember when I first found favor in lifting weights. I was 16 and had a set of 20s I found laying around the house. I would hold up in my room and do as many curls of those 20lb weights that I could. Eventually this would reach 100 reps and I would have the most freakishly disproportionate arms in the high school. One girl even told me my arms looked photo shopped. (Long before Emma Stone’s character said that to Ryan Gosling’s character in Crazy Stupid Love) I would do push ups, sit ups, chest flys on my bed, and whatever else my uneducated little mind could think of to gain muscle. I really had no idea what I was doing at the time.

However, soon enough I convinced my dad to buy a family gym membership for us all and began working out on the cable and pulley machines. Even with being poorly educated on the subject and using cable machines, I began to put on a very small amount of muscle and could notice a pump after going to the gym, but I still had a form of identification with the Scrawny Mindset!

Similar to another identity problem I had much later on.

For both of these problems I had to make a decision for what I wanted to be, not what stay at what I already was.

Stagnation was death and movement was life.

Each time, once staring at myself in the mirror pondering what others will think of me if I lost my “scrawny boy personality” and another on my dorm room futon laying there thinking I’ve become the biggest douche bag on the planet.

How to overcome what you are for what you want to be.

Total and absolute transformation. You don’t get voted most transformed by staying the same because some one wrote “Never change” on the back of a senior pic they gave to you in high school.


First things first and what we are here for. If you weren’t lifting to some degree already, start now and funnel every last ounce of food you can fit into your stomach. If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not eating enough.

Eat healthy. Vegetables seem to be the most ignored food group as well as probably the most important. Nobody likes eating the food our normal food eats, but to make it easier we can juice them for an nutrient dense drink.

Keep an eye on your wardrobe. As you start to put on muscle you’re old clothes will start to fit better, but you definitely want to upgrade beyond your old style. The old baggy pair of jeans will not cut it.

V-necks and well fitting jeans are my personal favorite.

Find a real barber in your area and build a relation with them. There are too many men going to women’s salons for hair cuts. These women know how to hair “dress” not how to create the perfect crew cut or “high and tight”.

Brain wash yourself with a type of music that motivates and is conducive to your new self. I gravitated towards Jay Z’s hustler mindset and Glitch Mob for it’s instrumentals when I don’t want lyrics interfering with my concentration.

Become a Renaissance Man to learn everything you can about anything you can. Develop personal interests that you haven’t had before and invest in them accordingly. You will be more versed for conversations more exciting than the scoreboard of last nights game.

With all that you add into your life, you may cut out some of your old hobbies. Good. More likely than not you will not miss theses hobbies as your life begins to change and you develop constructive hobbies you enjoy more.

What to do with your new found self?

Conquer the fucking world.



Four Easy Blends to Get Juiced

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Health, Improvement
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Today we’re getting juiced! No not that kind of juiced involving steroids, but the kind with, you know, ACTUAL juice.

With the convenience of prepackaged garbage they call food on the shelves of every grocery store it can sometime be difficult to sit down, prepare the food, and eat a wholesome meal with the some real nutritional value.

Similar to the concept of “drinking your calories” often spoken when weightlifters go on bulking season, so too can you “drink” your food with these five easy blends anyone with a Wal-Mart nearby and blender/juicer on the counter can make.

Triple M

Honeydew Melon
Musk Melon
Mint Leaves

Equal amounts of each melon and throw in as much mint as you desire. I personally like a heavier minty flavor due me not being a big fan of melon, but can be a refreshing drink on a hot day.

Mean Green

Green apple

What I first started out juicing with, a very vegetable heavy mix, this can be a little too much for the new comer. Adding lime or a green apple can help make it a little sweeter.

They called him Malone…Water-Malone.

Red apple
Lemon/lemon juice

Sweeter blend with barely a hint of kale taste, this too can be a easy down on a hot summer day.

And my personal favorite at the moment.

Mother Earth

Bears…BEETS!…Battle Star Galactica!
Red apples

Tastes like what it is. Mother Earth with a tad of sweet flavor. You can reduce the earthy flavor by peeling the beet, but I think I kind of like it myself and you don’t wanna miss out on the benefits beet juice.

There you have it, four easy blends for getting juiced. To get more on getting juiced head on over to Mike’s Fit Juice site.



Do the thing and you will have the power. Ralph Waldo Emerson uttered these words nearly 150 years ago that still ring timeless to this day. A lot of the time when people ask questions about productivity, they fall into one of two categories.

One being these are already productive people looking to actually be more efficient. These are people working eight hours a day and coming home to a side hustle looking to minimize clutter and distractions as well as maximize product moved or created.

Strictly by definition, this is already productivity at its finest. What would be next for this person is automating small task that take away from their main focus. Direct deposits, passive incomes, outsourcing even are just a few things to expedite the process.

The second kind is the person who is a undisciplined, lazy sloth. This is the type that will read blogs or self-help books all day to try and master the techniques described by the self proclaimed gurus. They will feel motivated for the time they are reading the book, but lack the discipline to follow through on it’s advice.

Do the thing

Do the thing. You might not feel like it, you very likely might not even be motivated enough to get up off your couch. I get it, it’s comfortable and what may seem like more enjoyable there laying there and watching Netflix.

I’m always tired after working eight to five at the day job before going to the gym after, but I know it’s worth it so I do it anyway. More often than I even feel more energized and sleep better after working out.

After getting it done at the day job, I already feel accomplished. (I get a sense of satisfaction from the day job…for now.) From just one week of getting up early, going to work, kicking ass at my job, and forcing myself to go the gym and read interesting books, it’s like I get off on it.

It feels good to be doing things and becoming accomplished. Slacking off may feel good at the time, but is unsustainable to say the least.

Doing the thing consistently, and with a little momentum behind you, you will have the power.

The power

The power for what? The power to do what? The power to do anything. The result in doing the thing is the power of mastering it. You don’t get big watching lifting competitions and you don’t have game from reading pick up manuals. Looking at you game theorist forum jockeys.

And with this new found power comes the momentum needed to keep the ball rolling in terms of productivity. You will exceed your goals one after another and nothing will stand in your way. Nothing will ever be enough for you and will be one powerful mother fucker.

With this country being the worlds largest consumer society it also is the worlds largest producer society (maybe second to China now that I think of it) Which means there is room for anything you can create. An insatiable appetite for the next big thing or even some great packaging behind an already known concept can make you a success in any endeavor.

Productivity brews productivity. It’s the Law of Attraction.

Choose the thing, do the thing, and you will have the power like He-Man.



With fall semester right around the corner for the college freshman, there are a few things they, or the returning veteran should do before going back to school. Needless to say this is not your run of the mill get everything you need from Target sale, it’s an honest insight from a recent college grad. (Bastards still haven’t sent me the diploma yet.)

1.) Pick up a copy of Aaron Clarey’s Worthless I cannot stress the importance of this book enough on this blog in regards to a college education. This book alone can help you stay away from degrees that have no place in a 16 thousand dollar or more a year institution. For those of us who do go to college, possibly making the biggest financial decision of your life at the ripe young age of 18, it would be foolish to go for a degree unable to pay itself back plus some. This book helped me switch from an ethics and public policy major to getting a degree in computer science and when I tried lending it to some of my English major friends they wouldn’t even look at it. Truth hurts.

2.) Pick up a copy of a James Altucher’s 40 Alternatives to College Once you’ve dived into the material inside Worthless, you’re thinking what now right? Besides going to college for a non worthless degree, Altucher offers a myriad of different things you can do besides going to college. In my experience, academia killed me. In the four years I spent at a Big 10 university I lost my interest in a topic that was once fascinating to me and is only starting to come back to me since I’ve begun working independently again. Go try out something new and interesting for free or a fraction of the cost instead of digging yourself a hole filled with debt.

3.) If you think you know what you want to do…go do it!
Try your hand at an entry level position or at the very least try for an apprenticeship with somebody who already works in your desired field. You will learn infinitely more from a person who is performing the work compared to someone who teaches it. Hands on experience will trump schooling of any kind, every time.

4.) If you don’t know what you want to do…
Then why are you going? Seriously, why are you going? If you want a “college experience” move to a college town, work some shitty part time job and party your ass off taking every kind of drug you can get your hands on. Take two years to fuck yourself up as humanly possible and take the next two years to try piece yourself back together for big time job interviews.

Now college can be a great place to be if you do it right, but this is the exception rather than the rule. I can guarantee you there aren’t enough jobs in the world for the amount of liberal arts majors there are. But if you do decide to go to college or to continue going to college, there is no reason to not read Christian McQueen’s and Hans Dix’  Campus Hustler to get the most out of your college experience without going on academic probation.

Join the movement.



Anywhere you search for what supplements you should buy, its always protein powder, creatine, BCAA’s, NO, or some phytochemical you’ve never heard before. here, here, and here were the top results for a google search of best workout supplements and what do we find, but tubs full of powdered garbage.
Perhaps if we had people who were dedicated to the grind and didn’t eat like shit we wouldn’t have the bloated supp industry we have now.

Whey protein shake for immediate recovery, casein protein shake before bed for slow burning intake to get you through the night, and then another whey + creatine shake before a lift for MAXIMUM bro science official muscle growth.

I can see how easy it is to prey upon a young and naive demographic wanting to get jacked, and it pisses me off. Putting on muscle is already expensive enough when it comes to needing more food for more calorie expenditure and bigger clothes when you start seeing results. (When your thighs are bigger than your waste, every pair of jeans become skinny jeans) The last thing you need to spend your hard earned money on are powdered false claims.

Whey Protein – Everybody needs a FAST burning protein to get to our muscles as QUICKLY as possible to OPTIMALLY build strength and size.

Casein Protein – If you don’t have a SLOW burning protein to keep you going after the fast burning whey protein is gone your work out will go to SHIT!

BCAAs – As if protein wasn’t enough by itself we must break it down to the components that are it individually. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are a far better source for muscle repair and is best if you take them separately on top of your two other protein powders.

Candy Bars Protein Bars – The avid weight lifter is always on the go and needs QUALITY protein such as the estrogenic soy protein crammed full of chocolate indulgence and cookie dough delight. Make sure to sneak one of these babies in between meals to keep up your protein stores.

Creatine is the only supplement worth your while for training.

For any kind of resistance training, most likely it is your ATP energy system that is going to be used. Adenosine triphosphate is the energy compound in your muscles when performing reps. When this energy is used up it loses a phosphate and becomes adenosine diphosphate. This is where creatine comes in.


Creatine comes from all animal flesh in small amounts or can be supplemented via powder form. When ingested it’s stored in a creatine phosphate form. I’m starting to see a connection here.

What creatine does is when ATP stores are depleted it gives the ADP byproduct back another phosphate replenishing our energy stores for more reps. This is what we call intermittent set recovery. With creatine you can train better for longer. Anything else is garbage.

Join the movement.