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I remember when I first found favor in lifting weights. I was 16 and had a set of 20s I found laying around the house. I would hold up in my room and do as many curls of those 20lb weights that I could. Eventually this would reach 100 reps and I would have the most freakishly disproportionate arms in the high school. One girl even told me my arms looked photo shopped. (Long before Emma Stone’s character said that to Ryan Gosling’s character in Crazy Stupid Love) I would do push ups, sit ups, chest flys on my bed, and whatever else my uneducated little mind could think of to gain muscle. I really had no idea what I was doing at the time.

However, soon enough I convinced my dad to buy a family gym membership for us all and began working out on the cable and pulley machines. Even with being poorly educated on the subject and using cable machines, I began to put on a very small amount of muscle and could notice a pump after going to the gym, but I still had a form of identification with the Scrawny Mindset!

Similar to another identity problem I had much later on.

For both of these problems I had to make a decision for what I wanted to be, not what stay at what I already was.

Stagnation was death and movement was life.

Each time, once staring at myself in the mirror pondering what others will think of me if I lost my “scrawny boy personality” and another on my dorm room futon laying there thinking I’ve become the biggest douche bag on the planet.

How to overcome what you are for what you want to be.

Total and absolute transformation. You don’t get voted most transformed by staying the same because some one wrote “Never change” on the back of a senior pic they gave to you in high school.


First things first and what we are here for. If you weren’t lifting to some degree already, start now and funnel every last ounce of food you can fit into your stomach. If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not eating enough.

Eat healthy. Vegetables seem to be the most ignored food group as well as probably the most important. Nobody likes eating the food our normal food eats, but to make it easier we can juice them for an nutrient dense drink.

Keep an eye on your wardrobe. As you start to put on muscle you’re old clothes will start to fit better, but you definitely want to upgrade beyond your old style. The old baggy pair of jeans will not cut it.

V-necks and well fitting jeans are my personal favorite.

Find a real barber in your area and build a relation with them. There are too many men going to women’s salons for hair cuts. These women know how to hair “dress” not how to create the perfect crew cut or “high and tight”.

Brain wash yourself with a type of music that motivates and is conducive to your new self. I gravitated towards Jay Z’s hustler mindset and Glitch Mob for it’s instrumentals when I don’t want lyrics interfering with my concentration.

Become a Renaissance Man to learn everything you can about anything you can. Develop personal interests that you haven’t had before and invest in them accordingly. You will be more versed for conversations more exciting than the scoreboard of last nights game.

With all that you add into your life, you may cut out some of your old hobbies. Good. More likely than not you will not miss theses hobbies as your life begins to change and you develop constructive hobbies you enjoy more.

What to do with your new found self?

Conquer the fucking world.




Starting now, this very instance you have a choice. Everything you do from now on until the end of your days is up to you. Not your parents, not your friends, not your school, not your girlfriend, not anybody. You.

Much like most of you, coming to the internet to find ways to improve yourself or just looking for answers I think its safe to assume you didn’t have enough or maybe not good enough a positive male role model in your life. I didn’t learn how to be a man from my father. Or even my grandfather or any uncles for that matter.

I have learned more in my time from friends that they themselves had created on their own or they too had read a book
or stumbled upon on a website with good info.

My grandfather and my father were rule followers. Bless their souls for at least being there and providing for me financially and doing their best to be involved in my life. I know many men who did not have this luxury.

However, both men were good men, but were not the best at BEING A MAN. Both were timid, soft spoken men who were bossed around by wives that felt entitled to everything and more just for raising a few kids.

Ingrates, but I digress. I do not intend to go on about family issues. What I’m here to instill in you is a chance to create a new history.

As a man you are the one with control. Over. Everything. It is not given it is taken. Other men will respect for it. Women will love you for it. If you don’t women will walk all over you and men will feel ashamed for you.

I’ve seen too many friends fall under the same fate to make the same mistakes. That’s why I made the decision years ago. I will create a new history and I’m in a great position to do it.

I am the last male in the family bloodline capable of continuing the clan’s existence and I certainly intend to. I’m taking my life in the direction I so choose and no one will stop me.

It will be a return to masculine virtue if I do say so myself. Not just for myself, but for the expansion of a return to masculinity in a culture where men can’t be men without being called sexist and women can’t be women without being guilt tripped into feeling they’re oppressing their own gender.

With male suicide rising, and women on popping anti-depressant like skittles it’s clear that something has gone wrong. There’s a reason why traditional gender roles were biological and still are since the beginning and not some social construct made up to “liberate’ women into becoming corporate drones like the rest of the average world. Sounds great, right ladies?

Call me misogynistic, but this was the way the world was supposed to be. Now we have feminists wanting us to bow down when masculinity is inconvenient and man up when it is. Please. No wonder men have opted to go their own way.

I didn’t want to get involved with feminism and its result on our culture, but it has become intruding in my own life enough that it must be addressed. I will not have stand for a deliberate degeneration of both males and females.

Men. Do not be afraid of your masculine desires. You are man. Act like one. If not for you we would still be living in the stone age. Men have a lust for power, but women grow sick with it. They are not built for it and have no idea how to wield it. When you give the women power by putting them on a pedestal, begging for their approval, making them a priority you are screwing yourself over and driving women into mental illness. Put women back in their rightful place. The submissive. The receiver. The nurturer. The care giver. The mother. The sister. Not your better half to any extent. This is her natural place in the world and the primal part of her brain will thank you.

Ladies. Don’t be afraid to embrace your femininity and feel no guilt for not helping “liberating” your gender by slaving away at a corporation. The most important thing you can do is raise the next generation of children properly. A generation where men can be men and women can be women. Not too mention there is nothing more attractive than a woman that embraces her feminine qualities. Your feminine qualities bring out the masculine qualities in us and vice versa. Take after your grandmother. Those were real women.

How much further must we decline before we can rebuild?


The Blank Page

Posted: January 7, 2014 in New Beginnings
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    Ah the first step in writing a blog. The blank page. I’m sure many of you have struggled with getting off the ground with other kinds of endeavors requiring you write something up when your mind has ALL THESE CRAZY IDEAS, but…ya just can’t quite organize them into separate, concise segments of their own. See ya there. I was currently there just a minute ago. (Hence this post I’m writing) I had an idea, actually more than one idea, for a blog here for awhile now. I’ve been lurking on many authors blogs for over a year now and a good friend of mine has just finished his first year of blogging with a good amount of success I’d say.

     Now I’m gonna try my hand at it this year in my free time between school, becoming Swolerham Lincoln, gaming women way out of my league, pondering the worlds most bullshit and most non bull shits philosophies and ideals, all the while being an overall dirtbag you’ll come to know and love.

Expect future posts of the like above. Until then.


That Guy