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I returned back home from West Des Moines this past weekend to help my dad with an annual kettle corn sales event for the boy scouts. It was a part of a bigger event called Heritage days where an old town 10 miles away is revived for a weekend and we all pretend we actually care about the history and sell overpriced novelties.

As I was getting burns on my hands and losing hair on my arms from the hot kettle, I realized how much I appreciate my time with the scouts. (You better believe it) Not only did I have some of the best trips and some great laughs with the group that I had it installed something into all of us that a lot of boys don’t have growing up anymore.

And that is any sense of rites of passage

In the scouts, you start out as a cub scout, mostly just enjoying some camping, swimming, hiking, climbing, selling popcorn door to door, tieing knots, the simple stuff. You learn some basic skills in the outdoors before moving onto the Boy Scouts.

In this process you have ceremonies for each advancement, even as a young child, the importance of ceremony and achievement are celebrated immensely. Small accomplishments and recognition along the way creates a feeling of worth and really teaches how a lot of projects operate. It’s the small incremental changes building up that creates tangible results without burnout.

Once a cub scout gets a taste of what it will be like to advance to a boy scout ranking he enters what they call an Arrow of Light ceremony. From what I remember at the age of 11 or 12 there was a large gathering for every scout in the district crossing over to the boy scout rank where they would have designated “bridge” to cross into manhood and would receive an golden arrow as proof.

Even before these boys become teenagers they understand rites of passage better than some grown men.

Once the crossing over has been made, the work required intensifies, but was usually more fun. Boy scout camp was the first place I got the chance to shoot an arrow, rifle, and shotgun. I traveled to the black hills and raise the flag at Mt. Rushmore during the presentation for tourists. I got to kayak lake superior, go caving/spelunking in the pitch black darkness. Even a yearly trip to see a hockey game was on the agenda.

I know I might get some shit for posting about my times with the scouts, but I cant discredit the the skills they try to teach young men before the cut off of turning 18. Things like first aid, citizenship, communication, cooking, personal fitness, emergency preparedness, sustainability, personal management, (personal finance), hiking, camping, and family life are hardly taught anymore by the schools or negative male role models who admire the likes of Peter Griffin.

With the scouts you did the work and it was recognized.

With the scouts their was hierarchy where everyone knew their place and accepted it until the time or advancement was at hand.

With the scouts everyone pitched in or we all suffered because of it. No one was a slacker or they were made the bitch for the rest of the trip.

I cannot thank the leaders I had enough for being mostly positive male role models for those who may not have had any.



I’ve had this idea for a post since I started this blog back in January Although I’ve thought about it far too long and have actually changed my perspective on it since, the question still remains to be answered. Can we blame our fathers and for what?

After digesting the red pill enough, I looked to the previous male role models in my life with resentment, pardon the one who first showed me the red pill. Why couldn’t these grown ass men teach a developing young man concepts like self-improvement, game, unplugging from mainstream garbage, education bubbles, politics, opt out of the rat race, etc. I damn near went mad trying to figure this out. Here I was, in a middle of an online community, where several men have it figured out, but the people around me just didn’t get it. I was a minority.

The answer was very simple. They didn’t have it figured out either. They were in the same position I was, just 10 to 20 years older. The same blue pill plagued them, but in a different manner. Where I was relatively new to blue pill atrocities, these guys have suffered decades longer. Granted there would be a few that had some parts figured out. One would have game, another knew our schooling system was bullshit, and one was even politically involved with me, but none were seasoned in all areas. Hence, I cannot blame my father for not teaching me things he didn’t know. Great man, just not educated in red pill thought.

But this is not our fathers world, even less so our grand fathers world. Times have changed and previous social contracts have become one sided or non existent all together. My father still sees college degrees as invaluable, marriage an unbreakable vow no matter how damaging, and believes the government can be an efficient entity. All of which are no longer. Maybe in his time growing up things were different, but then again maybe they weren’t, being that he hasn’t passed on the knowledge a group of online men have.

So the times are different and we cannot blame our fathers, then who? No one organization or person is at fault here, rather a collective and gradual declination. Damn near every institution has been lying to you. Your school, your churches, your parents, your government, all of them, whether knowingly or not has been feeding you false information.

However, I cannot believe all of these people had malintent in mind, they have significantly contributed to a decline in social value. If they are just as misinformed as modern day fathers, are they not at fault either?

With nowhere else to look, we look to ourselves. Learn how to be personally responsible for all things, for the world is your mirror. You’re not where you are because of him or her, you are where you are because of your own actions. If you want something go get it. Learn everything you can about it. If you stay in a state of mind that blames others for any kind of downfall you lose out on a key ingredient to becoming Self Reliant.

Take your own initiative. Educate yourself in your own interests. Develop your own game.

Join the movement.



“Freedom isn’t free, mother fucker!” You’re right, Hick Billy, it isn’t. The revolutionaries fought for it. The slaves fought for it. And a select few congressman today are fighting for it, but do not tell me the soldiers over seas are protecting your freedom so you don’t have to. Most of them volunteered for the benefits along with it, not to protect your freedom. Unpopular 4th of July opinion incoming. Your freedom hasn’t ever been fought for overseas. Not in Iraq, not in Vietnam, not Korea, not in WW2 or 1 and definitely not in Afghanistan. There are more threats to your freedom in the 10 mile radius around DC than there will ever be outside of America.

The NDAA, NDRP, and constant government dependency from the people are contributing to the land of the free becoming the land of the fuck this. The government owes you this or the government owes you that. The big G can spy on you no problem, blatantly like to us, grant itself immunity, and drone strike its own citizens.

What do we do about this? I was a state delegate in the 2012 elections and making changes by trying rewrite the system is far from easy. The powerful have a way making sure they keep their power. That being said we can be a part of the system, try and rewrite the system or cheat the system.

One of these require of a life time worth of dedication and hard work. Another is painfully blue pill switching between two false oppositions every four years. The other? Look no further than our very own red pill thinking.

For the most part, we can choose not to bother with the concerns of the voting public and their elected officials, but sooner or later it cannot be avoided. Enlightened, strong, red pill men is the last thing an ever growing parasite of a government wants. Income independence, non-feminist, self improving men questioning the system and opting out of it starves the beast.

After celebrating the anniversary of this country I invite you to remind yourselves of the limited government beliefs the founding fathers had when they created a vision for what was seen as the symbol of freedom at the time. With great freedom comes great responsibility, but when we reject this responsibility, the government sees an opportunity to extend its intrusive hand into our lives. Live free and live responsibly, do not depend on an ever growing and inefficient government to furnish your wants and needs.


Reading a section of David’s Dominate about death, dying and conquering fear, I closed my kindle app, put my phone away, looked up in the sky at two in the morning and realized this is as real as it gets. Being told to dream big since the our inception we tend to always be looking at the big picture and never breaking it down. Mental masturbation jizz all around us, guys. These grand schemes we make out tend to lead to us firing a signal in the brain tricking us into thinking we have already achieved something with out actually having done anything.

Get off on dreaming about it as much as you want and reap the finite feeling of worth while you can, but realize this. When you begin to assess what you have done, what you are doing, and what you are going to do, it must be constant evolution. We are the dwarfs standing on the giants of the greats past. We have the capability of being giants giving shoulder rides to other giants for miles, yet we direct our efforts towards fantasy football, spending our paycheck on the weekend, and circle jerking over a new beer.

In this day in age, I can literally reach thousands if not millions of people by registering an account on a wordpress for free. I can write an ebook, publish and promote it for free. Anything we desire to do can be achieved with what we have today and if you think otherwise, I’ll be damned if it can’t be created by you or somebody else with the right know how. Our desires are not some esoteric, intangible, object. They can really be had. Roosh traveled around the world making it his own personal poosy paradise, David quit his job to become a personal trainer, Robert succeeded in every last one of his challenges on 30 days to X, Mike form DandP went from fat to fit to jacked, and Elliot Hulse went from a training out of a van in a park to a following of almost one million, becoming the #1 youtube fitness star Your dreams, shown by example, can be had, simply because others have achieved theirs through out history time and time and again.

We spend so much time thinking about what will happen instead of what IS happening. Notice how your body reacts just from the thought of something that hasn’t even happened yet and might not even happen. You get nervous, hands might start to sweat, your voice becomes high pitched and cracks, and for what? In talking to girls, for example, most of us are probably thinking way further ahead than we need to. You have no idea what she is thinking and that’s okay. Relax a little and treat it like the game that it is. You’ll have a much better chance getting something worthwhile out of her if you focus on actually having a conversation versus fucking her in your mind.

Seriously, this really is as real as it gets. I cant get over it. We cannot allow ourselves to think things like, “Oh, that’ll never happen to me” or “I never thought I’d make it this far.”, be mindful it is okay to be wishful and humble, but see to it that bad things will happen to you as well as you achieving your sense of greatness. However, also be mindful that if you entertain a thought, so too can it be made into something real.

These are the days of our lives. Make them count.


Experience is Everything

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Having torn my shoulder last week, this past week of not lifting left me sulking in my apartment feeling the withdrawals of an Iron Temple addict. Although I lifted yesterday and am not quite back to 100% it has been giving me time to think with all the time on my hands from not hanging out in the gym.

That is no matter how hard we try, we will never fully experience another person’s experiences. Our perspectives are based solely on our experiences and like snow flakes not a single one will be the same. Recently I’ve been actively working to try to convey exactly what was on my mind with others in person whether they liked what would they hear or not to become a more authentic person. Holding the red pill influenced views that I do, I was presented with a lot of blank stares, “WTF’s” and “that’s not true!” It becomes increasingly hard to relate, but I digress.

In conjunction with taking our own masks off, we too must create an environment to allow others to take theirs off as well. Listen and inquire about another persons perspective and make an attempt to infer where or what kind of experiences this perspective came from. It may help improve yours.

Another method to get inside someones head, read biographies of great men.

Join the movement.