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This reading list is essentially an ever growing rough draft of our self improvement. In my experience these were the books that helped me along my journey with my personal development. Expect about a review per month. I don’t want to flood this site with merely reviews of other people’s work. With each book you should gain not only knowledge, but executable actions within each. Improve your mind, improve your body, improve your life.

The first and probably the most influential book thus far in relation to my college experience, Worthless was the book that got me out of the Liberal Arts and Science and back into STEM. This book should be required of every graduating high school senior before wasting two years and 16 grand later in the undeclared major and fucking up their 4 year graduation plan.

Enjoy the Decline
The second installment in the Aaron Clarey collection, I would argue that Enjoy the Decline almost runs as a sequel to Worthless. This one serves the reader as a manual to let go of declining empire and just have fun. In order to rebuild we must first destroy and start fresh. For those of you looking to save it, good luck, but for those who are looking to avenge the death of your precious land, Aaron and I got two words for you. Enjoy it.

The Freedom Twenty-Five Lifestyle Guide
To this day still one of my favorite books regarding personal development. I will repeatedly go through this books wisdom and purpose section when feeling particularly lost. It also brings a concise and no bull guide to women, wealth, and health.

The Way of Men
Mind. Blown. If you need a crash course on understanding the male psyche this is the one. This book explains in clear detail why men have a tendency to act the way they do.

Bang: The Pickup Bible That Helps You Get More Lays
Need I say more? Heavy weight blogger Roosh V. shares his story learning how to get laid in the clubs, bars and other night scenes from start to finish. Literally. He will have you finishing inside the girl you bring home for the bar after you take follow his advice to a T.

Day Bang: How To Casually Pick Up Girls During The Day
If you grow tired of the night game as I tend to do at times, Roosh V. does it again with Day Bang. Providing step-by-step material to not ‘scare the cat’ as most girls are not used to guys with enough to balls to cold approach them (gasp!) during the day. They will be forced to put down their starbucks and iPhone to interact with you. Nerve racking isn’t it?

Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder
A man that needs no introduction Arnie himself tells his incredible story from early years up to bodybuilding greatness. After an inspiring journey of an Austrian nobody to international bodybuilding legend, you are also given a killer workout routine devised by Arnold.

Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Self Reliance alone will make this a worthwhile read. For what law is sacred, but that of your own constitution?

Think and Grow Rich
If you don’t believe in the power of the mindset and positive psychology you will after putting into action the the methods revealed in this book. We’ve all heard the richest community on Earth is the graveyard full of men with dreams not put into action. For it is not the dream that is flawed, it is the mind in it’s lack of action.

The 48 Laws of Power
Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom 48 laws of power is an example of Frame, law of abundance and much more than can be applied to daily routine. Learn how be ruthless in achieving the power you deserve.

The Secret to Success
Another incredible story of rags to riches. Eric Thomas’ story from eating out of garbage cans to international motivational speaker is becoming increasingly known as we speak. If he can do it anybody can do it.

Brains & Brawn (30 Days To X)
30 days to X’s very own Robert Koch write up a detailed review of how to increase your mental capacity and get fit for a measly 99 cents. If you don’t feel like scraping through his archives and getting an added bonus it is well worth the buck.

How To Pick Up Girls In Nightclubs & Bars
Christian McQueen knows what the fuck he is talking about. In a fairly short piece he gives you 2 integral parts to your game. Frame and Law of abundance will help you immensely and being the man that hot piece of ass knows you can be.

40 Alternatives to College
Tired of college or don’t want to go? Take a semester and try your hand at some these suggestions. There is nothing quite like starting your own business. Unlike clocking and getting paid at a regular job no matter what, if you’re not busting your ass you’re not making money for yourself.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine
One hell if a compliment to The Way of Men, KWML describes the 4 levels of the male psyche in its mature masculine and its immature masculine. With a lack of write of passage in today’s age what is there to separate the boys from the men?

Extraordinary Healing: The Amazing Power of Your Body’s Secret Healing System
Too much does Western medicine focus on the the external forces to combat sickness. With the pharmaceuticals running rampant there is more of focus on ‘buy this pill and feel great!’…with side effects worse than the actual ailment you went in for in the first place. Extraordinary healing focuses inward towards the body’s own healing system. Eat right, sleep, exercise, manage stress, have fun, laugh, meditate, are only a small list of things you can do that (really they do!) help you body heal itself.

The Alchemist – 10th Anniversary Edition
In the Top 3 best books I’ve ever read. I honestly am at a loss of words in describing this book, to say it touches on the quest of human destiny would be an understatement.

Dominate: Conquer your fears. Become the man you want to be.
Well done and no bull. David’s piece on death and fear alone are enough to get the average man up and at ’em in regards to dominating the rest of his life. Each chapter being filled with historical examples and David’s own experience makes this work most compelling and executable with practical steps to confront your own adversaries. If your looking for a good read to either get started dominating or just to revitalize your previous work, this is definitely worth the quick buy.


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