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I’ve had this idea for a post since I started this blog back in January Although I’ve thought about it far too long and have actually changed my perspective on it since, the question still remains to be answered. Can we blame our fathers and for what?

After digesting the red pill enough, I looked to the previous male role models in my life with resentment, pardon the one who first showed me the red pill. Why couldn’t these grown ass men teach a developing young man concepts like self-improvement, game, unplugging from mainstream garbage, education bubbles, politics, opt out of the rat race, etc. I damn near went mad trying to figure this out. Here I was, in a middle of an online community, where several men have it figured out, but the people around me just didn’t get it. I was a minority.

The answer was very simple. They didn’t have it figured out either. They were in the same position I was, just 10 to 20 years older. The same blue pill plagued them, but in a different manner. Where I was relatively new to blue pill atrocities, these guys have suffered decades longer. Granted there would be a few that had some parts figured out. One would have game, another knew our schooling system was bullshit, and one was even politically involved with me, but none were seasoned in all areas. Hence, I cannot blame my father for not teaching me things he didn’t know. Great man, just not educated in red pill thought.

But this is not our fathers world, even less so our grand fathers world. Times have changed and previous social contracts have become one sided or non existent all together. My father still sees college degrees as invaluable, marriage an unbreakable vow no matter how damaging, and believes the government can be an efficient entity. All of which are no longer. Maybe in his time growing up things were different, but then again maybe they weren’t, being that he hasn’t passed on the knowledge a group of online men have.

So the times are different and we cannot blame our fathers, then who? No one organization or person is at fault here, rather a collective and gradual declination. Damn near every institution has been lying to you. Your school, your churches, your parents, your government, all of them, whether knowingly or not has been feeding you false information.

However, I cannot believe all of these people had malintent in mind, they have significantly contributed to a decline in social value. If they are just as misinformed as modern day fathers, are they not at fault either?

With nowhere else to look, we look to ourselves. Learn how to be personally responsible for all things, for the world is your mirror. You’re not where you are because of him or her, you are where you are because of your own actions. If you want something go get it. Learn everything you can about it. If you stay in a state of mind that blames others for any kind of downfall you lose out on a key ingredient to becoming Self Reliant.

Take your own initiative. Educate yourself in your own interests. Develop your own game.

Join the movement.




The red pill went down hard today. I was recently visiting my brother in Illinois the past week to replace old windows in his new house that I had previously helped remodel last year before his new found girlfriend moved in.

What used to be a bona fide bachelor pad has been turned into something of a Barbie dream house designed specifically for hosting dinner parties or house showings. The kitchen bar has been turned into a crock pot station, the master suite a baby room, and the home office the toy room.

In the three hours I had the pleasure of being in the company of his girlfriend she proceeded to excuse a messy house full of her stuff and lounge in the lazy boy while watching some real house wives of where-ever-ville. “Is that window done yet?” No, miss it isn’t, no thanks to you.

I do not know how he puts up with it. However, Queen B is letting him keep the sweet barn wood in the basement for the man cave, she still wants to paint over them with a “hushed orchid”, or some shade of white. I didn’t know hushed orchid was even a thing. Apparently a pale purple white combo.

On the other hand we have a my sister and brother in law who also redid their basement. Big ass television with a bar and urinal included. You wont see that in Barbie’s dream house. Here the social dynamics have shifted entirely. The brother in law is the one making decisions on his house, because he is the one doing the manual labor. He wouldn’t allow something like “hushed orchid” to step one foot in the newly built man cave. This sister usually cooks a nice meal and keeps the house clean no questions asked. Both of them seem happier with accepting appropriate dominant and submissive roles than the former with the roles reversed.

As different as the two scenarios may be, there is one thing they shared in common. Frame ← You will find several examples of frame and its brother by authors in the Manosphere, but possibly most notably by Christian McQueen breaking it down in one of his many books here.

Frame is holding your ground in the face of a girl’s bullshit Some of these may qualify as shit tests other times a girl just needs to be reminded who holds the dominant position in the relationship or most interactions for that matter.

A recent example involving myself was this girl for some reason thought it was okay for her to act hyper violent around me and proceed to assume I’m balling my eyes out to Titanic on a daily basis. I should mention this violence was beyond the threshold of playfulness and needed to be addressed. The Titanic garbage can be blown off with simple “Keep telling yourself that”, but the violence had to stop.

After about two days of her coming over for drinks and a good time, I had to let her know “You’re banned from here until hyper violent shit stops and learn some manners.” Taken back at first and her face was priceless. Like she’s never heard some one put her back in her place before.

She’s made some improvements and the next time she came over after going to bed and letting my hands do what they wanted (haven’t sealed the deal yet), with her head on my chest and her arm around me, she tells me, “If I ever act up again, you let me know.” I had to laugh.

By holding my frame and calling her out, this hot piece of ass is well on her way to being conditioned to be fine, submissive, and feminine girl. She leaves for Scotland in September, but I’m positive we’ll have some fun before then. 😉

Establish your frame.

Join movement,