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As soon as I started working in IT my dad the eye doctor prompted me on the effects of blue light on the eye. Something about macular degeneration or whatever. Wondering what the hell he was talking about I asked for more information on this and what it had to do with staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day.

I knew enough about it originally that like our ancestors, the human body reacts to light and dark liken to day and night. You rise and fall with the sun, signaling a hard days work in the sun and when sky went dark you went to sleep. Not so much anymore these days. It seems a lot of people, (specifically the college aged) stay up late, stare at their iPhone and Mac Book all day and hardly get enough Vitamin D.

The average person spends seven hours a day in front of a blue lit screen. Between our phones, computers, TV’s, indoor lights, and ya know, the sun, we’re getting blue light from all angles. But I mean if it comes from the sun why does it matter if it comes from electronics?

Although some exposure to this light is needed to prevent seasonal affective disorder, where you become depressed due to the lack of light, too much blue light can be correlated to an aging to the eyes or age-related macular degeneration, which in turn can lead to blindness.

Ray Charles loved it.

To dig a little deeper, the human eye can see light between 380 and 780 on the elecrtro magnetic spectrum. Above 780 becomes infrared and below 380 is ultraviolet. Scientists have known blue light to be powerful for some time now. The next step after visible blue light are the UV rays sun screen is recommended for.

If they recommended sun screen for the next lower than blue light to protect our skin from damage, shouldn’t we be doing the same for eyes? Everyone knows not to stare into the sun like an idiot, but how much does the average person know about eye health?

I wonder what the trend would look like from 1980 to now concerning number of people with some form of corrective lenses.

If you’ve heard of flux you probably know the benefits of dimming/warming your computer screen as the day goes on to match the light you get from the sun. Changing the setting of your computers display from a high energy blue-violet light to a lower energy warm red light, you can observe the effects of less eye strain, more melatonin production, and a deeper good nights sleep.

What flux fails to mention, is that it can also act as a buffer between you and blue light. (Although if you really wanted to, some lense crafters do make glasses specifically to block out blue light.) Aside from warming your display to match the light from the sun, you can alter the settings to a 100% filter. The default lowest setting at night only goes to about 75% filter. I keep mine at a constant 100% filter.

For specifically health reasons only, if you work in an environment where you stare at a blue lit screen all day, but have an HR department getting in your way they almost have to give it to you. Unless your computer is connected to a highly secured network with no room for unnecessary risk, cite it as a health concern and you should have some serious clout.

In the journey of self improvement it is important to keep ourselves informed and in good health.



Well maybe not all of them, but I’ve definitely made a lot. You would imagine like most other sports, weight lifting would come with admirable coaches that teach how to correctly and properly teach how to perform, right? Wrong.

In my experience weightlifting may have been the most over-saturated with bull shit get ripped quick schemes of all sports. Instead of working on your craft day in and day out, we have every last guru guaranteed quick fix. Who cares about legs when you can get arms like Arnold’s in less than 30 days.

And maybe you’re better informed than I was when I started lifting, but when I was first starting out these were some of the mistakes I’ve dealt with in the past.

No legs

The first and definitely the most embarrassing is the fact that I thought I didn’t have to work on legs if my upper body got big enough. From walking around all day with all the added weight from my upper body being so jacked my legs would just naturally get bigger to match my perfect physique.


Another, and is one that still happens to this day is that I will hyper-focus on one muscle that is smaller than the others and tear away at getting it bigger until it becomes bigger than a different muscle and the process tend to repeat itself. My biceps are quite large, as well as the right one being noticeably bigger than the left. Still don’t know how this happened, but ironically the left one is stronger. Beats me.


A lot of these came from not keeping my back straight in the heavier lifts. I felt a “crunch” sound while squatting with my back leaning forward. I’ve been bedridden from trying out deadlifts for the first time, also not keeping my back straight. I’ve torn my right shoulder from one time I put on a 10lb weight on one side of the bar and not the other while squatting and tried to push with my arms on the last couple of reps and yikes. Ouch.

“Accessory muscles”

One debatable mistake I made was when I took the advice of a fellow gym goer that told me to work on the smaller, accessory muscles first before going into the bigger lifts. Such as doing curls before rows and tricep pulls before bench. Really? I’m supposed to use precious muscle glycogen stores and creatine energy cycles on accessories muscles before I do the lifts that actually matter? They are accessory muscles and we treat them as such. Accessories.

“Carbs and dairy, man! Carbs and dairy!”

More bad advice from a friend who was much bigger than I was, was that he told me you wont be sexy or anything, but you’ll put on weight in no time if you eat a lot of carbs and dairy. So pasta, pizza, and gallons of milk are the best thing for me to build muscle? Right….

Not finding an informed mentor.

As you can see it took a series of bad information before I found some good information to go off of. My two favorites are Elliot Hulse and Paul Chek while can have a diamond in the rough every once in a while. This would be the most important out the list as it would help prevent some of the mistakes I’ve made above.

What are some of the mistakes you have made in your workout routines? Can’t be nearly as bad as the first one on my list. Ha.


“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates

sick minds, sick bodies

Ask an average person with an average diet and an average exercise regiment, how they are and they will tell you, they’re fine. Their brain cells are slowly being killed off by lack of stimulation and large amounts of alcohol consumption, but they’re fine they tell you. Their bodies are atrophying by their poor workout plan and processed garbage they call food, but they are fine they tell you.

The average person goes about their day, knowingly or not, committing a slow suicide. Mentally, physically, spiritually. Reading nothing than the latest trend on twitter or facebook. Letting their bodies morph into the couch itself, becoming another cushion on the frame. Not pursuing the child like inspiration in their soul, telling them to go out and do what they dream to do because they have bills to pay’. Maybe rightfully so, but this does not warrant a life of a slow death.

The more I take my health seriously, the less I want to eat out with the masses. The options are few if any that do not make me want to vomit soon after. If I go more than week without lifting heavy I physically become depressed and have to force myself to pump out a set of Super Squats

Juicing, lifting, and getting a good nights sleep, more or less, makes me feel incredible. Most of those around me and that I observe I can tell are aging quickly and they are only in their 20’s. Their minds and their bodies are going to shit well before their natural aging process wants to allow. Bags under their eyes, skin looking damaged and dull, with fat accumulating around their bodies and the mind doesn’t go unscathed either. The mind that started out inspired and delighted to begin a new life has been murdered and replaced with a machine mind hell bent on serving the interest of leading a stable life.

Too often do I see people living the unexamined life. Sacrificing health for ‘wealth’ can only be executed for so long before it becomes unsustainable.

Health of the Body

Diet and exercise. It’s so simple yet so hard for so many to understand and execute properly. This will differ for different people with different goals in mind, but the concept stays the same. If your are not burning more calories than you are taking in, and not working out you will get fat. Fat isn’t good for anybody no matter what the doctors say about being healthy fat. I eat a 80//20 paleo diet with the exception of milk, cottage cheese, and an occasional pb and j (I am just a sucker for the pb and j) and juice regularly. It is not hard to eat clean and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body.

A day in the life, Diet and Exercise wise.

Breakfast: 2 cups Oatmeal ( not entirely paleo either, add it to the list)
1 cup of mixed berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries)
½ cup of cottage cheese
2 eggs over easy
Tall glass of milk

I’ll usually prepare my own juice the night before hand to take with me to class and eat light until I go lift.

Green Machine Juice: Handful of Kale, 5 stalks of broccoli, 2 green apples, lime juice, 1 banana, water.
Bag of trail mix: (peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, m&ms)

Dinner: 2 cups of brown rice
2 chicken breasts
2 cups of mixed veggies(baby blend)
More cottage cheese 🙂 about ½ cup
1 cup of mixed berries
Tall glass of milk

Leg day:
1 set of super squats. 20 x 1. 225lbs
4 sets of dead lifts. Starting at 155 pyramiding to 185 for last set.
3 sets of leg curl. Starting at 135 pyramiding to 155 for last set.
3 sets of calve raises. Start at 255 pyramiding to 275 for last set.

I can barely walk up to the second floor to do leg curls after squats and dead lifts.

Full workout and diet plan soon to come.

Health of the Mind

If you go day in and day out, 8-10 hours a day doing something you hate for someone else’s benefit. You are committing spiritual suicide. You will become dead inside and live the rest of your life waiting for retirement and death to get a break.

Work relentlessly to free yourself from the bullshit we are being conditioned to endure. Ignore everyone and do your own thing if you have to. If you end up working for someone else and you love it, I am glad for you. I can’t even stomach the thought it. That being said, if you are like me and are still working for someone else, you must take the time out to invest in yourself in whatever way you see fit.

Read Books!
Take the time off to recharge, but also find the time to expand your mind to alternative perspectives. You can learn at least one thing from any person at anytime if you are looking for it. Books can be the perfect lens into another persons mind if you cant find someone physically. Autobiographies are great in this regard. Ask your friends over just to hang out and talk, you’ll be surprised with the topics that can be entertained when given the opportunity. I find my best talks are immediately after a good lift. Post workout pondering should be the podcast for those talks if I recorded them. Ha.

Meditate with deep breathing focusing on your breathing and chanting a mantra in your head for 10 minutes a day. This will help clear your mind immensely when you feel like all the stress in your life is giving you stomach ulcers. Lock yourself in your room or find an enclosed area where you wont be distracted and just breathe, close your eyes, and chant.

If you find yourself indulging in destructive activities to deal with stress, try finding more constructive activities to replace them. I can’t even begin to list all the things you can do, but a few would be reading,writing, painting, drawing, running, working out, driving, have sex!, yoga, fishing, hunting, watch a movie, build something, work on a new skill….

This is mere scratch on the surface for what you can do for the mind and body. Remember this is my experience and have no problem hearing yours and what you do for you mind and body.

Join the movement.


I got a date!

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I got a date! Yea, a real one! I’ve waited all day for this! Make sure I’m all dressed downed and laced up. can’t wear the wrong attire to the place I’ll be at!

At first she’s cold, but I warm her up. She’s silent and still, but accepting to my touch. Submitting to my advances, almost as if she wants me to go all the way this time.

She brings me down, but I lift her up. She tries to take hold of things to no avail. She easily forgets who is in charge here. Tonight prepared to be thrown, pushed, pulled, every which way tonight.

She leaves me out of breath after we’re done. Sweating, red in the face, can’t believe what we just did. Was that a new record for how long I lasted? Could of sworn I didn’t have the stamina I did the last time we did this.

I get depressed if I without her long. She is my life, she is my fleeting breath. She may think I’m clingy, but I protest. My energy, my happiness, my confidence, my everything is with her.

I’ll love her forever, can’t tell me I’m wrong. I’ll never leave her. Not until the day I die, but to say this she is a girl would be a lie.

I got a date alright, I got a date with the plates.

Every man has started from humble beginnings. Born a child, raised a boy, became a man. He was not given success. It was earned. Through blood, sweat, tears, rejection, cycles of motivation and depression of hitting high points and low points in his quest for improvement.

Starting out afraid of what he might become pursuing something he doesn’t even know will truly satisfy his need to be better, to be recognized, to be validated in some way, whether for himself or a promise he made to someone dear. Asking himself, “Will I be the same person, I started out as when I finish?”

Reaching a point in the middle of his journey after putting in the hours, reading all he can and putting into action the valuable lessons he learned from his mentors, and STILL failure, after failure he endures. Asking himself this time “Is this even worth it? I put int the work, where are MY results that other people are getting?”

A possible identity crisis, after seeing the changes he’s made to himself he thought for the better, but now his friends see him as a threat to their mediocrity, he now has become “too good” to hang out with his friends, just for pursuing his goals in life to better himself the best way he knows how. Asking himself now “What happened to me? Did I take a wrong turn some where?”

Realizing, this is exactly where he wants to be. He has come a long way since then and has have long way to go yet. For self-improvement is a life long process that takes time and effort. You will get knocked down during this struggle, but will be well worth it if you persevere.

Who can identify with one of the scenarios above? I’ve dealt with all four.

Looking back…

In my time, I have been rejected countless times by girls I wanted to date, dance with at a bar, have sex with, even have a simple conversation with. Embrace it. Failure is the touch stone of success, because for every failure you become more experienced. Learn from these failures and you will never BE a failure. This is all a part of the process. You wouldn’t believe the ‘pedestaling’ I did, the things I did for, the money I’ve spent, the time I’ve wasted, on a girl for YEARS, just to have a few drunken make outs. Can you say cuttin’ ties? The law of abundance has never been so sweet to abide by.

I’ve spent plain stupid amounts of money on plain stupid shit for most of my life. Did I NEED that new video game? Did I NEED that big TV? Did I NEED to see that new movie? Fuck no. I was wasting my money on impulse buys that would never benefit me in the long run. I was quenching my thirst for immediate gratification only to be left with a undying lack of satisfaction.

I never took my lifting seriously. I would go to the gym do my workouts if I felt like it and screw it if I didn’t. I ended up not going, more often than not and eating bread and pasta wasn’t helping my case. I’d play the steroids card, the genetics card, the I don’t have time card, anyway to try and rationalize my failure in the field. Motivation and discipline were non-existent.

I used to want to be average. I wanted an average house, average wife, average job, average life. I just wanted to live my life like everybody else. I didn’t want any trouble. Trouble was scary. Trying to be something more was hard. I just want things to be easy and stable. A normal life where the only thing I would have to worry about is keeping up with the Jones’.


Pretty sad right? What kind of life would that be if stuck with what I was doing? Tell ya one thing I wouldn’t be writing this right now that’s for sure. I’ve come a long way from where I was.

I no longer spend money on stupid shit.

I can easily talk to a girl and leave her wanting more by the end of the night.

I have taken my health and fitness to a serious level.

I am so hell bent on improvement I can never see myself being satisfied with anything I accomplish. Never will I be content with what I have. A harsh truth, but I love the challenge.

Looking Forward!

Being the hell bent man on improvement that I am, I can’t help, but want to improve even further than I have since first making the decision to do so. I want even more out of life. This may be very late for new years resolutions, but I never found that type of thing too inspiring. Everyone has new years resolutions. Not everyone aspires to become something greater than themselves. So without further a do. I plan on improving those same four things even further.

I WILL make more money than I ever have through smarter and harder hours of work.

I WILL approach more girls with this impeccable wit and charm, wooing them into my arms 😉

I WILL gain more muscle with a strict program focusing on my weak points, complimented with a diet built for muscle growth.

I WILL never be average.

Expect detailed reports and my personal how-to’s as I journey with you on your path towards self-improvement.

Next time.

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I’m out.