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The red pill went down hard today. I was recently visiting my brother in Illinois the past week to replace old windows in his new house that I had previously helped remodel last year before his new found girlfriend moved in.

What used to be a bona fide bachelor pad has been turned into something of a Barbie dream house designed specifically for hosting dinner parties or house showings. The kitchen bar has been turned into a crock pot station, the master suite a baby room, and the home office the toy room.

In the three hours I had the pleasure of being in the company of his girlfriend she proceeded to excuse a messy house full of her stuff and lounge in the lazy boy while watching some real house wives of where-ever-ville. “Is that window done yet?” No, miss it isn’t, no thanks to you.

I do not know how he puts up with it. However, Queen B is letting him keep the sweet barn wood in the basement for the man cave, she still wants to paint over them with a “hushed orchid”, or some shade of white. I didn’t know hushed orchid was even a thing. Apparently a pale purple white combo.

On the other hand we have a my sister and brother in law who also redid their basement. Big ass television with a bar and urinal included. You wont see that in Barbie’s dream house. Here the social dynamics have shifted entirely. The brother in law is the one making decisions on his house, because he is the one doing the manual labor. He wouldn’t allow something like “hushed orchid” to step one foot in the newly built man cave. This sister usually cooks a nice meal and keeps the house clean no questions asked. Both of them seem happier with accepting appropriate dominant and submissive roles than the former with the roles reversed.

As different as the two scenarios may be, there is one thing they shared in common. Frame ← You will find several examples of frame and its brother by authors in the Manosphere, but possibly most notably by Christian McQueen breaking it down in one of his many books here.

Frame is holding your ground in the face of a girl’s bullshit Some of these may qualify as shit tests other times a girl just needs to be reminded who holds the dominant position in the relationship or most interactions for that matter.

A recent example involving myself was this girl for some reason thought it was okay for her to act hyper violent around me and proceed to assume I’m balling my eyes out to Titanic on a daily basis. I should mention this violence was beyond the threshold of playfulness and needed to be addressed. The Titanic garbage can be blown off with simple “Keep telling yourself that”, but the violence had to stop.

After about two days of her coming over for drinks and a good time, I had to let her know “You’re banned from here until hyper violent shit stops and learn some manners.” Taken back at first and her face was priceless. Like she’s never heard some one put her back in her place before.

She’s made some improvements and the next time she came over after going to bed and letting my hands do what they wanted (haven’t sealed the deal yet), with her head on my chest and her arm around me, she tells me, “If I ever act up again, you let me know.” I had to laugh.

By holding my frame and calling her out, this hot piece of ass is well on her way to being conditioned to be fine, submissive, and feminine girl. She leaves for Scotland in September, but I’m positive we’ll have some fun before then. 😉

Establish your frame.

Join movement,



When I started working on myself for the better, I didn’t have the initial lash back from friends or family. About damn near everyone of them offered some kind of encouragement for the most part. There was a little bit of confusion like “what the fuck, man?” when I would hang out at a friends house and instead of paying attention to netflix or playing super smash bros. I would be reading manosphere blogs, but that was the worst of it until I started to notice something recently.

I am not sure whether it’s just my environment where they say, “if you’re the most successful person in the room find a new room” or if those around are me feel some kind of inferiority complex. I am not trying to arrogant about what I’ve done with myself, but due to not drinking and working out as routinely as brushing my teeth, people have either been distancing themselves from me or I have reached a different level of personal development. I am merely expressing and reaching out to people on a path to self-improvement that may have or might encounter similar experiences. That being said…

Is it so hard to find like minded people hell bent on self improvement because there are so few of us? Or am I unable to inspire those around me powerfully enough yet, that they don’t feel the spark inside themselves do better. I’ve gone through six lifting partners now and I think I may have found someone who can consistently keep up with me and not bitch about being “too tired” or “too sore” from the daily activities. We all have day jobs and we’re all busy people, get over it.

In my average of your friends post I talk about having a balance of your successful friends and your party friends. I’m starting to see a skewed distribution with myself having more party friends than I do successful friends. I think I am now down to three who I can consider advantageous in my development whose number I actually have in my phone. Three. Three out of 300. 1% of the people I can call on my phone do I consider a mentor, a teacher, or someone with experience in something I would like to improve on.

I would like to believe we can learn something from everyone we meet in some shape or form, but at what cost. The crabs in the barrel metaphor rings truer than ever. Those who can’t do something want to tell you can’t do it because they’ve never done it. They sit around all day on imgur or have no ambitions after work other than to binge on netflix and have the next finest beer circle jerk over a new Indian pale ale.

To avoid feeling like a lone wolf in a pack of bored sheep, seek out these people that can act as mutual development partners. Connect with people in online communities as well. I follow Elliot Hulse’s videos religiously. Never met him, but he does follow me on Twitter so there’s that. Someone I have never met has had more of impact than hundred of people I’ve met in real life. Really cherish these kinds of people you find that can help you help yourself. It make take some prodding at first, as successful people will want to keep themselves away from crabs themselves, but if you can prove to them you’re serious, it’ll be worth it.

I may never understand why some people choose to be average, and it may be lonely at the top, but I bet the view is incredible.

Join the movement.


If you keep up with corrective stretching and lifting you will know there are resources for correcting “duck butt” and bad posture, but not so much if you are so unfortunate to have the dreaded ‘Hank Hill Syndrome'(HHS). For those of you who had the pleasure of NOT watching this god awful show between Home Improvement and the Simpsons after school, lucky you. This is Hank Hill Syndrome.


Terrifying isn’t it? But fear not, there is hope for you as there is for me. Yes I too, am suffering from a minor case of Hank Hill Syndrome. My gluteus maximus is too large relative to my gluteus medius. Meaning my side ass needs to be bigger. I guess super squats will do that to a person.

One simple exercise to correct this imbalance is a hip abduction movement. You can use the machine that makes girls look like they’re giving birth or you can use a cable machine with a leg strap as shown. Stretching your gluteus maximus combined with cable hip abductions will help bring out this new found muscle.


For those of you who have….Are blessed with some fat around your ass, no problem. Enjoy that gift. But for those of us who have not an ounce of body fat on our body, we need to keep up or muscular balance if we are to maintain a well formed physique.

For the heavy, deep squatters out there should in particular pay attention to this exercise as your glutes might start to show this imbalance. To really find the muscle I’m talking about stand normally and then shift your weight from one leg to another a few times and feel the side of your ass contract and extend. This is your gluteus medius. This muscle is responsible for rotating your leg inwards or more frontward facing.

In addition to HHS, strengthening you gluteus medius will improve your balance on one leg. Right now I have to lean or reposition my footing to balance on one leg. My roommate who is an athletic training student caught this on my way to leg day (go figure) when he made fun of the way I walk. Which reminds…ONE MORE THING, strengthening the gluteus medius does for you is bring your outward pointing stride back in, frontward facing. This means no more duck waddling with each step.

Join the movement.


“What do I think of success? It sucks, there’s too much stress.” Jay Z

Looks pretty successful to me.

Looks pretty successful to me.

First off this isn’t some grade school bull shit where you define success by whatever makes you happy or some “keys to success” campaign promoting kindness, respect and all that other garbage. No, this is defining achievements worthy enough to credit you “making it”.

The other day a good friend of mine told me, in a sense, “Hey man, your a successful guy you’ve gotten more attractive and doing well with things. Not only that, but I’m glad you don’t give up on me no matter how many times I bail on you.”

Hmph. It was a matter of principle really, but he still brings in enough value to my life to keep around really is an all-around solid person. The fact of the matter was, in his eyes I was successful. Me. Are you kidding? If I am his definition of successful. He’s not going to make it very far, because I myself still have a long way to go, regardless how far I’ve come.

Scratch that. I will always have further to go because success is a process. It is a continuation of the mind and body ever forward. There is no mark, whatsoever. Success to me is a never ending process of improvement resulting in me never really “making it” in my eyes.

I am ok with this and I have accepted it. I will never be satisfied with what I have. This drive and principle behind it to keep moving forward is all I need.

So maybe I actually have become successful in a way. The decision was made. I will forever improve.

Huh. This is what success looks like? Jay Z was right. Ha. Stress, but a good stress. The stress needed to be imposed on the mind and body to get shit done. I kinda like it. Just remember to keep the balance.

What is your vision of success? Do you have a vision in your mind where you’re ok with taking it easy? Or are you forever improving?


Every man has started from humble beginnings. Born a child, raised a boy, became a man. He was not given success. It was earned. Through blood, sweat, tears, rejection, cycles of motivation and depression of hitting high points and low points in his quest for improvement.

Starting out afraid of what he might become pursuing something he doesn’t even know will truly satisfy his need to be better, to be recognized, to be validated in some way, whether for himself or a promise he made to someone dear. Asking himself, “Will I be the same person, I started out as when I finish?”

Reaching a point in the middle of his journey after putting in the hours, reading all he can and putting into action the valuable lessons he learned from his mentors, and STILL failure, after failure he endures. Asking himself this time “Is this even worth it? I put int the work, where are MY results that other people are getting?”

A possible identity crisis, after seeing the changes he’s made to himself he thought for the better, but now his friends see him as a threat to their mediocrity, he now has become “too good” to hang out with his friends, just for pursuing his goals in life to better himself the best way he knows how. Asking himself now “What happened to me? Did I take a wrong turn some where?”

Realizing, this is exactly where he wants to be. He has come a long way since then and has have long way to go yet. For self-improvement is a life long process that takes time and effort. You will get knocked down during this struggle, but will be well worth it if you persevere.

Who can identify with one of the scenarios above? I’ve dealt with all four.

Looking back…

In my time, I have been rejected countless times by girls I wanted to date, dance with at a bar, have sex with, even have a simple conversation with. Embrace it. Failure is the touch stone of success, because for every failure you become more experienced. Learn from these failures and you will never BE a failure. This is all a part of the process. You wouldn’t believe the ‘pedestaling’ I did, the things I did for, the money I’ve spent, the time I’ve wasted, on a girl for YEARS, just to have a few drunken make outs. Can you say cuttin’ ties? The law of abundance has never been so sweet to abide by.

I’ve spent plain stupid amounts of money on plain stupid shit for most of my life. Did I NEED that new video game? Did I NEED that big TV? Did I NEED to see that new movie? Fuck no. I was wasting my money on impulse buys that would never benefit me in the long run. I was quenching my thirst for immediate gratification only to be left with a undying lack of satisfaction.

I never took my lifting seriously. I would go to the gym do my workouts if I felt like it and screw it if I didn’t. I ended up not going, more often than not and eating bread and pasta wasn’t helping my case. I’d play the steroids card, the genetics card, the I don’t have time card, anyway to try and rationalize my failure in the field. Motivation and discipline were non-existent.

I used to want to be average. I wanted an average house, average wife, average job, average life. I just wanted to live my life like everybody else. I didn’t want any trouble. Trouble was scary. Trying to be something more was hard. I just want things to be easy and stable. A normal life where the only thing I would have to worry about is keeping up with the Jones’.


Pretty sad right? What kind of life would that be if stuck with what I was doing? Tell ya one thing I wouldn’t be writing this right now that’s for sure. I’ve come a long way from where I was.

I no longer spend money on stupid shit.

I can easily talk to a girl and leave her wanting more by the end of the night.

I have taken my health and fitness to a serious level.

I am so hell bent on improvement I can never see myself being satisfied with anything I accomplish. Never will I be content with what I have. A harsh truth, but I love the challenge.

Looking Forward!

Being the hell bent man on improvement that I am, I can’t help, but want to improve even further than I have since first making the decision to do so. I want even more out of life. This may be very late for new years resolutions, but I never found that type of thing too inspiring. Everyone has new years resolutions. Not everyone aspires to become something greater than themselves. So without further a do. I plan on improving those same four things even further.

I WILL make more money than I ever have through smarter and harder hours of work.

I WILL approach more girls with this impeccable wit and charm, wooing them into my arms 😉

I WILL gain more muscle with a strict program focusing on my weak points, complimented with a diet built for muscle growth.

I WILL never be average.

Expect detailed reports and my personal how-to’s as I journey with you on your path towards self-improvement.

Next time.

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I’m out.