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I got a date!

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Improvement, Lifting
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I got a date! Yea, a real one! I’ve waited all day for this! Make sure I’m all dressed downed and laced up. can’t wear the wrong attire to the place I’ll be at!

At first she’s cold, but I warm her up. She’s silent and still, but accepting to my touch. Submitting to my advances, almost as if she wants me to go all the way this time.

She brings me down, but I lift her up. She tries to take hold of things to no avail. She easily forgets who is in charge here. Tonight prepared to be thrown, pushed, pulled, every which way tonight.

She leaves me out of breath after we’re done. Sweating, red in the face, can’t believe what we just did. Was that a new record for how long I lasted? Could of sworn I didn’t have the stamina I did the last time we did this.

I get depressed if I without her long. She is my life, she is my fleeting breath. She may think I’m clingy, but I protest. My energy, my happiness, my confidence, my everything is with her.

I’ll love her forever, can’t tell me I’m wrong. I’ll never leave her. Not until the day I die, but to say this she is a girl would be a lie.

I got a date alright, I got a date with the plates.