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“What do I think of success? It sucks, there’s too much stress.” Jay Z

Looks pretty successful to me.

Looks pretty successful to me.

First off this isn’t some grade school bull shit where you define success by whatever makes you happy or some “keys to success” campaign promoting kindness, respect and all that other garbage. No, this is defining achievements worthy enough to credit you “making it”.

The other day a good friend of mine told me, in a sense, “Hey man, your a successful guy you’ve gotten more attractive and doing well with things. Not only that, but I’m glad you don’t give up on me no matter how many times I bail on you.”

Hmph. It was a matter of principle really, but he still brings in enough value to my life to keep around really is an all-around solid person. The fact of the matter was, in his eyes I was successful. Me. Are you kidding? If I am his definition of successful. He’s not going to make it very far, because I myself still have a long way to go, regardless how far I’ve come.

Scratch that. I will always have further to go because success is a process. It is a continuation of the mind and body ever forward. There is no mark, whatsoever. Success to me is a never ending process of improvement resulting in me never really “making it” in my eyes.

I am ok with this and I have accepted it. I will never be satisfied with what I have. This drive and principle behind it to keep moving forward is all I need.

So maybe I actually have become successful in a way. The decision was made. I will forever improve.

Huh. This is what success looks like? Jay Z was right. Ha. Stress, but a good stress. The stress needed to be imposed on the mind and body to get shit done. I kinda like it. Just remember to keep the balance.

What is your vision of success? Do you have a vision in your mind where you’re ok with taking it easy? Or are you forever improving?