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Meditative Lifting

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Lifting
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An odd event happened on accident at the gym the other day. Having to work out at a university rec center there is more often than not, a struggle for the specific weights you want for your lift. I was ready to cool down my chest work out with some chest flys and the weights I would use plus the 2 next heavier weights were all taken so I just went down 5 pounds instead thinking I’ll just go slow and controlled with proper breathing and maybe that’ll do the trick, and boy was I right.

Breathe in on the way down, out on the way back up. Slowly and surely. I noticed my breathing was similar to the same techniques I would do while meditating at home after a long day or before studying inducing an altered state of mind is the best I can explain it. I felt distanced from everything around me besides my breathing. It didn’t matter the weights were only 5 pounds less than what I was used to doing, I felt like I could of done as many reps I wanted during that time and I did. My body adhered to this mind state like a strict protocol. My mind was at it’s best it wouldn’t let my body fall to the weights under any circumstances. I was going to lift that shit. The weights didn’t have a choice, but to go back up when they went down.

With a simple google search, I discovered I wasn’t the only one who has practiced this phenomena. They may have actually taken the time and researched it before hand instead of stumbling upon like I did, but it wasn’t nothing new to the world out there.

For any lifter looking to experience with an altered state of mind and body I recommend trying this technique yourself and see if you experience the same effects. Maybe you could try this as well….

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